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Bounty Hunter

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This is an unofficial job, but I think it should be recognized. The job practically hunts down LSPD's most wanted and holds them at gunpoint. They can find the most wanted list here. The bounty hunter then contacts the LSPD and claims the reward. They work closely with the LSPD, and has to obey the LSPD's orders. If the LSPD tells them to stand down, stand down. I think to qualify as a bounty hunter you need:
A driving licence

A gun licence

At least 1000XP 

Participated in the LSPD's ride along program.

Like I said, this is an unofficial job (it is difficult to make it a official job, as LSPD's most wanted are not online 24/7), but I think if there was a thread listing the qualifying bounty hunters, it would prevent the bounty hunters from being arrested for using a firearm.

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