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Phone group ''chat'' text.

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As the title suggests I thought it might be an idea to add the ability to create a group chat in the phone UI's texting interface. Allowing factions or close groups of friends to create a private yet shared In-character way of communicating as a whole. (Wether it be a requirement they all have eachothers numbers is debatable!) This would work similar to how FB messenger/whatsapp group chats works IRL.

But yeah, food for thought! I apologize if this has been previously suggested.

(edited for clarity)

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Edited for clarity
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It'd make it excessively easy for people to call their 'boys' and alert them of any situation they're in. Like getting robbed or such. A phone is like a one-time buy, a radio isn't. You can hear (or see) what someone's saying into their radio to alert a big number of people that you're in distress, but you can't see what someone's writing in their texts. 

If you can see what they're saying in the group chat, sure. Then it's fine I guess. But it'd still kill the radio on the text-side of things because you have a permanent source of contacting multiple people at the same time.

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