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SA Brian Jennings

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Hey Team!

After serving 8 years in the Marine Corps and being a part-time skydiving instructor in Liberty City, I would love to see the sport of skydiving come to Los Santos. 


Pilots could take up to 25 jumpers on a single run. Once at altitude and on "jump run", the pilot would unlock the door and allow for the paid jumpers to exit the aircraft. Skydiving Centers would provide equipment and training for sale. I would love to see this activity brought to our wonderful city.


Brain Jennings

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1st Jump: Tandem / Intro to Sport Skydiving - $1500~ ( Salary: $750~ Pilot / $750~ Instructor )

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course - Jumps 2-5 - $5000~ each with Instructor ( Salary: $2500~ Instructor )

Purchase equipment upon completion of AFF Course. 

Solo Jump ( With Licence )- $750~ Must land inside designated landing area.

Pro License offers jumpers the ability to land off the Drop Zone.  25 Jumps required.

Freefall Instructor / Tandem Instructor - 100 jumps required.


BASE Jumping could be something rouge jumpers partake in within the confines of the city using their equipment. Although BASE could be permitted in some of the northern areas, I think the thrill of opening up some of our more massive rooftops would be exciting if we could picklock to gain access. 


Remote landing areas like beaches could be great for fundraising or special events. With my experience in both skydiving and development, I'd be happy to go into more detail to make this or something similar to happen in our city. 


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