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Drug production/distribution

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Hello. I wanted to know if there's complete guide on how to:

1) Get weed seeds or chemicals for others drugs?

2) How exactly to grow weed? Can players steal other player plants?

3) How does black market work? 

Thank you!

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On 8/25/2018 at 5:40 AM, ItzKnight said:

Hello Ervious,

From the sound of your question, this is all stuff that has to be learnt ICly, you cant be informed on here due to the Metagaming rule. Please find the answers to your questions In-Game ICLY

Senior Support 

Thank you. I didn't ment specific lications. Only description of posibilities. Crafting system and rest of options since it was unclear to me. But I already got this whole information IC.

You may lock this topic.

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