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  1. As this seems like more like a discussion starter may I speak my peace, hear me out for one sec. When we were all 11 years old playing Black Ops 2 for example and we had big lads in there saying "fuck off come back when your balls drop" did we go to black ops too report? The jokes don't offend you until they personally offend you. As someone who's personally been diagnosed with leukaemia, I find it hard to believe that this could offend in any shape of form. I had a friend who had ended his own life years ago and too this day i'll still have a laugh if someone tells me to kill myself or
  2. I’m just heading off to Work. I can provide video evidence later on today at around 6PM GMT. If that’s okay.
  3. Oh shit. Looks crazy in your screen. I can literally only blame this on Rage Sync Problems or my Ping at the time. Everyone in my house is usually on the WiFi around the time of this fight could have something to do with it. I have all the evidence of messaging the player I “DM’d” before he made this report of saying “sorry if it looked like DM, I needed to cough drop” however he hasn’t provided this. I can provide if needed. You can see in the VC on the far right corner I am also talking (highlighted in green) I have plenty of clips from playing on Eclipse and also have live-streams and not i
  4. Bruh both on Discord together.... is this allowed now no?
  5. A gun pointed at you. And a guy running at you with a gun. What did you think would happen. I was there for a nice little chat?
  6. The reason I was asking them to leave was because we were doing a shipment. It seems like a bit of a strange place to be. Almost like they had a tip off of our shipment. As soon as I saw them I asked them to leave. They didn’t fear for their life. As soon as I saw them talking on their radio I thought that’s it I’m going to have to do something before they call in backup. The demands given were “Leave! Leave now or I’m going to shoot” I then said on the radio “I’ve asked these guys to leave, if they come back just open fire” they proceeded to come back on three occasi
  7. Gimme couple hours to finish work and I’ll reply. SOS
  8. ID 316 here. “Told you to leave” “3....2....” those were my demands that you can clearly hear. you say “he is going to shoot at us” so you decide to turn back around towards me the man who has a gun in his hand shouting things at you. “I’m ready if you’re ready, they both have guns” clearly ready for a fight. I gave plenty of demands. You telling me I have hacks is really boosting my ego not gonna lie. If an admin wants they can search my pc or some shit I also have clips of shooting at Irish 2 mins later because this guy started saying “save POV” also as o
  9. Hello. Only me. I was just wondering after hearing the “guilty” mans statement. He was in a “rush” on the road. You were also on the road. Not in a car. Where cars belong. This isn’t Vehicular Deathmatch this is 3 guys in the middle of a road while a cats coming to fast to stop lol.
  10. This is literally all IC and needs to be dealt with ICLy. I am black myself and it’s not offensive.
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