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  1. With the rules explained in that manner provided. I would have to say that i did not fear properly for my life. I misunderstood the rules and i apologize for not following them correctly. In the future, if this happens again, i will practice proper FRP, as per the Eclipse Server Rules. Thank you for this post. I was misunderstood. I try to follow the rules as best i can, sometimes in the heat of the moment, Fight or Flight takes over.
  2. I was in a powered Drag that was never shut off. The rules clearly state that i have the option to react if this is the case. It says nothing about Bikes being separated from this rule. ( You tried to tell me in game that bikes were separate from this rule and i told you you were wrong). Here is the rule Copy and Pasted. This should be the end of this report. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with
  3. Have had great RP with these guys. Keep it up fam!! More Blood -Nicky Akuma-
  4. I wont be responding to anymore comments. The RP was voided. Have a nice day. You didnt have a gun on me when i made the call. Thats all im going to say.
  5. Well the server voided it, that wasn’t my call. And me being on the phone had nothing to do with it being chopped, not to mention we weren’t the ones chopping your car they left before you got there. We came to chop the brawler. I’m sure the admins could easily see that what I just stated was true. Check to see if the amount of money from your cars chop went into either one of our pockets. You made the mistake of thinking it was us and we even tried to tell you that in game.
  6. I did not see the man with the guy typing anything. Being that there was two of them i figured one of them should have had the gun on us to inflict the fear instead of putting the guns away. I used a swear word and i shouldn't have, while calling him a liar. I didnt think i was breaking Fear RP becuase he wasnt typing to me, there was two of them and i put the phone away when he asked the first time, it was just stuck like that. Once the gun got put away, i pulled my phone out quickly and made a very fast police help call. Wouldnt this be voided since the RP was voided also?
  7. Welp, the screen shots you took are not factual. You never RPed having a knife on me while frisking me. Also, you can clearly hear yourself saying "point the gun at him" very frantically while i was calling the police and by the time you pulled it out i had made the call already. You lied. Also, if i was not doing as you said, you should have just shot me. I have the option to not do what you say as long as i deal with the consequences. You chose not to shoot me. I chose to call the police while i was on the ground, without a gun or knife pointed at me. You have nothing here sir. What you shou
  8. The bros, Great job building what you have. Respect is the anchor to the gang and determination is the wind behind the sails. There will be more gangs that will follow suite, very soon....trust me. I have heard whispers of an ally....stay tuned.
  9. The last thing i will say is this. Being that there is no footage of me putting the mask on or pulling into LSC for service, the fact that i said /do No, is not lying unless you can provide footage of me putting the mask on and pullling into LSC. All there is, is a video of a masked man robbing two players and then a video of me in custody being asked question. That will be my last remark. Thank you and have a nice rest of your day.
  10. Thanks Baxter, i find RP is much better with a calm voice. Im not here to do a back and fourth either. I did feel there was some lying going on during this situation,. I did ask for the video footage and nobody seemed to want to provide it to me. Anyone could say that they had body cam on but without proof, it doesnt mean much. Hopefully we can move past this as my intentions were not to be toxic, but to get away scott free lol. I felt as if i tried to RP as well as i could. Sorry for any inconvienece to you and your peers. This type of RP is what makes the city fun for many people. Cheers.
  11. Say what you would like about me, i know the rules well. I will not be responding to anymore replies unless asked by a Admin or Moderator. Also, not sure what you mean by mixing but please do not address me again.
  12. And lol, i would also note that there is no provided footage of me putting on the mask and or arriving there. This is all hear say.
  13. The police also lied about the footage as well. One of the officers said they saw me drive away in my vehicle, when in reality i ran away and then came back to get my car. I was then detained. My thoughts were that they were lying about the footage since i had been given false information.
  14. Dawpi, I had so many people asking me questions last night in this situation that i couldn't have possibly followed everything to a T. The person reporting me was also being VERY toxic and all the police were telling him to do was leave me alone and he would not. Secondly, how am i supposed to know what the CCV footage caught? no one every said they had footage of me putting on a mask. this report is ridiculous and the reporting party is just a toxic player. It was a clean robbery. Also, i do not recall lying in /do. Also, is it against the rules to not tell the cops the truth?
  15. Mickeyyy, I do not believe that abusing any script or situation in the game is ok. I believe in fair RP, in hindsight maybe this was unfair. To answer your second question. my intention of standing there was not a forethought, i was drinking and then stopped drinking when the car spawned in front of me. If i have broken a rule i apologize deeply. I am not here to break the rules in any way. I did think about it and felt bad after i had stolen his car and then gave it back to him in good faith.
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