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  1. Its a very good price for where it is, il text you in a moment
  2. No its not sold, its just outside of paleto on the GPS. If you struggle il pop into city to get address
  3. Selling MAXED Galivantor Baller. PALETO HIGH END MARKET
  4. Selling 1g in a perfect quiet location near Paleto. Never had any problems with this property I have just outgrown it. Never really see anyone around. I have met the neighbours once and he was a chilled guy. Its marked on the GPS near Paleto. Go check it out this house can be a real money earner. Also Paleto is really starting to pump these days so the price is very good considering.
  5. Are you interested in the Baller?
  6. Thank you but im looking for something with a bigger interior.
  7. Looking to buy a 2/3g in a quiet location. Want to pay a reason price too I could even get a 1g I just want a big interior to the house.
  8. Selling MAXED Galivantor Baller Paleto high end market
  9. I am selling a 1g near paleto. It's on gps
  10. Selling 1g near paleto. Marker on gps. This is a lovely quiet area that I haven't had any problems with. Selling as I have now outgrown the property and need something bigger
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