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  1. nubbuka

    ID 74 VDM

    You can see the video I didn't really have any place to wiggle, If I reverse back too much his friends are there [watch the video] If I reverse Back and to my left, I risk running over MY OWN FRIEND. Your friend is more to my left, further in no danger.... like you should be when approaching a car with a pistol... in an angle that you cannot be easily be just go forward and run you over... And after that I tried to turn to the right, the steel bar was blocking me and YES I tried to run you over once and It got me on that metal bar, so I reversed a bit (again not too much cause your friends are there and they will kill me) so I went forward again, trying to escape through the gap but I didn't reverse enough so it didn't help with this car, it just slides on the dirt....
  2. nubbuka

    ID 74 VDM

    Real the rules again. If I am in a vehicle I am allowed to hit you with a vehicle once. The rest was escaping. you never demanded from me anything as well. You guys straight shot me
  3. nubbuka

    ID 74 VDM

    Ok you can tell me what I was supposed to do in a situation that I am surrounded with people with guns? even if its in my vicinity, just because you are not aiming at me, doesn't mean I am not your next target... It is a small space, to be honest, anyone in a car would run you over and the first time would be that you would fall and probably hurt yourself really badly... it really depends. Did you just want me to surrender? to play it cool? I tried to escape, there is forward, and back. This is a confined space, if you don't want to get ran over 1) don't take out your pistol right in front of someone else's car, even if I wasn't his friend, I would've still panicked and tried to escape... Like the AI do in the normal game. 2) Car vs pistol, I am allowed to attempt to escape or do something - even if it hurts you... the offender... I don't understand why are you surprised that I tried to get away by driving? You blocked my way and your friends were behind me to. I still don't understand how you think this is a VDM? you threatened everyone's life around and I was surrounded. And Lie I said I am aware of the VDM rule, I can guarantee you, that I did not try to run you over again and again. My plan was to escape from there with or without my friend asap. I knew that even If I did kill you, the other two players behind me will take me out. the moment I reversed enough to get a space to break out, I was killed.
  4. Selling Sand King XL 100k 5299218 MAXED Offer or Trade [Active] Also have a Blista upgraded in LE, Offer or Trade
  5. Is there anywhere else to send this? I don't mind even re-buying the house.... No one can use this house for now
  6. I was looking for a Digital map of GTA V to add notes where are the speed cameras for myself... I think that is ok to do? I get tons of traffic violations and NO I do not do it on Purpose - THE L KEY, it's far from the Driving keys and I need my mouse to LOOK around driving, cause the streets where the cameras are - those are usually bombarded with players flying all over the place and breaking law rules in a VERY unrealistic way but when the cops arent there of course.... So... reaching that L key is annoying and you cannot assign it? I tried, didn't manage... I had a Seat Ibiza IRL that I sold and I had cruise and even automatic distance form the car IN front, like follow which was amazing... And the cruise was easy to handle, turn on off instantly. doesn't distract the driver... I Don't know maybe it's just me or people found out how to assign it to somethting easier but I miss the cameras and I know it takes time just to learn, I get less fines each week I play.... but the 20-30k on fines........ come on.... even If i did it on purpose that is a lot.... and I swear I didn't! maybe some times people chased me around the city and I flew by them to save my life (happened yesterday too) SO a map that you can mark them on or something will be great "I mean i would not mind that at all it would be realistic but a lot of people would complain about that and not being able to speed in the city unless they made the speed cap higher." Just to add to this Again, even in IRL, there are not so many cameras around.... albeit the GTA V map isn't THAT big and not a lot of POPULAR zones to go wild with the cars at but If done correctly, there should be plenty of areas a bit outside of city that usually are a bit more open that there will be no cameras. I don't image camera on each street obviously... at least main intersections, main areas, parking lots, places you need to slow down or government offices... banks... atms...? etc.
  7. Hello @Timmaayy This is going into my personal life but - I am feeling ill and I had to go to work for a short time cause I was kind of getting fired today but it actually ended OK! I was there for 3-4 hours instead of 30 minutes... I didn't actually plan to come back and see my character out of prison - in fact I enjoy Prison a lot haha - with my Alt account, Bruce Reizz we had a blast and we did races outside and I wanted to go back there ever since! even get a job as a prison guard, but they are closed... I have been feeling ill irl and there were so many people that are waiting for me to meet them in-game that I told myself If I got back home after work and half of my 2 and 30 minutes jail time* for nothing to be honest compared to other crimes I've done and my friend offered me his help to get my jail faster so I can get out and go meet others, not even crimes or making money, just .... dates and stuff.... *(for robbing a grocery store for a 1000$ and surrendering....), I had more serious crimes that I was caught for, including shooting an officer and stealing an OPEN EMT kamachou vehicle (Now I am fully aware and an admin explained it to me fully in the spot and I apologized and I said I will never do it again, I thought if it was unlocked its a mistake by a player, not a theft... per say... but I guess it is still theft). I can guarantee you, the RP aspect of it was not meant to harm others.... I didn't even know how it will work in-game so I just trusted him that it will be hidden enough to not alert anyone... The player in question is M0cka on discord, he apologized after hearing I was banned but I do not blame him. He does not play RP at all, he is a CSGO player. he asked me a question what to say in chat just in case..... i told him /b for the ooc ccommand and say im afk? I trust him. Because I knew he just wanted to help me, we use Team Viewer constantly, we've been friends a long time and I understand that it is against server scripts but it was in no intent to make money or harm others... it was just so I can have more time playing the game... I will be honest if the jail time was an hour - like I really feel it was supposed to be - I would've stayed up a bit more yesterday to RP the prison with Shelly..... But I felt like I was misjudged on my Jail time and I just wanted to go RP outside with others.. I DJ in game and publish it on Liveinvader, I have a lot of friends and people I trust and love in game and I also changed my license plate to SMILEHUN like I saw on another person I know well... I got a new car slot and I wanted to eventually buy a dog when Shelly gets her first ever house... Please I can promise you - I've met someone in-game... in a very bad way... he griefied me at the time but when he understood that it really hurt me and I wanted to quit because of his actions and others he offered me a house key, just a key, to store my cars and stuff... and I was happy but he got the stuff from cheating... And In no way that is my intention at all. I respect and ENJOY the hard work that people put into this Server and community and ruining the game for others or just ruining it to myself would be a complete and wrong direction from what I want from this server. I do not care about money. If I make it myself I'd be happy. Very. And I plan to keep playing and helping others like I love to do as much as I can.... It was just a mistake and I really was silly. I am sorry again.... please I want to keep playing here for a long time and I also noticed that an alternate account is impossible - which I can respect 100%. sorry for the long text.... thank you again for explaining it like that and I swear I will never do it again. I will be patient, I just wanted to reply. Thank you
  8. EDIT: It didn't save anteing I wrote... Character name(s): Shelly Tdootte Admin who issued punishment: Timmaayy Date of punishment: 07/09/2020 02:52:43 PM Punishment received: Ban is permanent Reason given for punishment: Using macros to bypass AFK timer in prison Your explanation of what happened: I told my friend about prison and that I got 2 hours + in jail for just robbing a Grocery store for 1000$..... He said that he will connect to my computer using TeamViewer and set a Macro to help me get out of prison.... I fell to the temptation cause I am honestly not feeling well and I just wanted to go back and play so I said yes.... I went to work for more than I thought I would and I came back to the message that I was banned... It was a mistake. I love this server. I love my character. I record all my game times. all my bad and goods. And the last thing I thought that will happen is that I will get banned... Told my friend and he apologized but... this is my fault... I never use Macros or cheats in games... I like to work for my money and I would never cheat in anyway in a multiplayer game or at all! I love prison too! I was just feeling ill and I was going to work so I accepted his help... I shouldn't I know. I am sorry. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was a mistake. It was wrong. I apologize. I really really put all my time and effort into making Shelly and playing her and I don't want to loose all the friends and awesome people she met..... I don't care being in prison for a WEEK just to get to play her again... cause I am not sure If I can stand loosing her and just opening another account... I record all my time on this server and I have been through ups and downs from the moment I started playing.... But I want to keep playing please.... I am sorry and it will never happen again. I promise. I wasn't rich. I have nothing in Shelly except her name and her contact list on her phone..... I couldn't care less about the money or anything else.. I swear. And I aplogize again, it was not to break server rules, it was just so I can go back to play.... It was a stupid decision and I payed the price. Post any evidence or further details: I have proof from discord that he talked with me and I sent him my Team Viewer ID so he can connect to me later https://imgur.com/a/u5CJarc but that's it.... I am sorry..
  9. nubbuka

    ID 74 VDM

    Hello! Yes, I have already PM'd the player with my response back then when he contacted me. We were standing there for 4-5 minutes the moment my car's friend was chopped they pulled out their pistols. I was Being shot at. I couldn't turn too much with this car, forward and back was the only thing I couldn've done. You can even see that I got stuck trying to go back and forth. The player did not die and It was not my purpose as well. I will check my files back home and upload a perspective too. The player took out a gun and, like he said, aimed at my friend. He didn't know we were together so I tried to kill him, failed and got out of there. At the end they killed us and took everything... so I don't know what this report is about. 3 Men with pistols vs 2 unarmed chop shoppers.... I was trying to escape and he was in the way - ACTUALLY I was completely surrounded. So even if I wasn't there with my friend, and these guys would start shooting - everyone would try to escape and because they were all running around us with pistols PREFNVTING the exits, I had no other option than to try to wiggle out of there with the only escape option I had - My car. If you are not away that cars can kill you - big surprise.... they can. I tried to run you over once, then you got out of there, and I was very blocked in and being shot at like crazy.... So I really didn't see any options... I coulnd't turn AT ALL with all the players. I had to hit the only one that was preventing my escape, which was in front of me... I couldn't really see how many offenders were on the back of me and my friend was there, I didn't want to run him by any accident - or any other PLAYERS... I hit him once, he didn't die, its a very small place to just run away from a vehicle... That's my view. I am well aware of VDM, you didn't actually die. You killed us and took our items
  10. Yeah, you can always add more cameras, but mark them. that's fair no? in my country, we have signs (and a lot of other countries ive been in) that alert you that there is a camera
  11. I sawww! looks amazing!! I hoppe it will make my life easier... yesterday I tested it, deleted like 30 messages... each delete takes 10-15 seconds at first, now it's like 2-5 seconds haha Waiting for the update
  12. +1+1+1+1+1 Please! I simply cannot open my phone anymore and reply to SMS,s takes 5-15 secods, it freezes the phone and I cannot take it down while it's stuck... Please, i wish buying a new phone wouldn't delete your number
  13. I wanted to solely ask, I got a house from a player that god banned recently unfortunately..... and I have the keys to use the Storage and the Garage and decorate but not to sell... Now I would love to honestly just sell the house, for 600k which is below its worth that it recommends and buy an apartment and a car with the money instead.... Is there something that can be done? The player that gave me the house said that this is fact, and it will be a permanent house on me. He suggested that he wouldnt want it back -or... he wont get a ban appeal? i don't know even if he tried for an appeal... Anwyay Just a questions, it will be ashame to let this asset just sit on my name, I would rather sell it and use his gift to grow
  14. We have discussed the issue between on discord and have came to a very happy conclusion between us. you can close the threat and I am happy to get these things closed personally than cry about it here - all i ask is that please if anyone wants to rob someone or TAKE someone of his items, please please please make sure you are focused on the matter and RPing it rightly so this server wont become just random deathmatches and crimes... i love this server and I would only like to see people have fun here... I had a terrible first month overall. but a lot of briliant moments. thank you for whoever read and followed this report!
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