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  1. Wow very good observation. do you think the fact that im asking for a rule to be reviewed might be because of my experiences with those rules? I applaud your inability to grasp the point of my post.
  2. This is a joke. Honestly, if you feel this way you and me are playing in different servers.
  3. Firtsly id like to say i accept your apology Mrwonanother that means a lot to read so thank you. Its not really the complete break in immersion or abuse in power im concerned about. i think you guys deal with a lot of bullshit and deserve to have some fun. My problem with it is the fact that you are so unbelievably quick to point out or punish other players for any break in immersion. Ive seen this multiple times with froggy and i cant believe someone who is willing to apply these rules so rigidly cant stick to them himself. Its not your job to make the server less boring, if you want to get some laughs how about you rp it like everyone else has to? As far as asking for a private message, i have told you before in game ooc of course, that i think you dont have the emotional intelligence to be an admin and your quote " for actions that we have not done/knew ruined your RP experience" further proves my point. Youre telling me you didnt think it was unacceptable to teleport into my van or stab me to death completely breaking immersion? Or are you denying the actions? Mrwonanother apologized and moved on but you are telling me its on me to tell you when im uncomfortable? Hey Tommy, anytime you come up to me in an admin skin and start talking to me IC i am uncomfortable and i cant believe you need to be told that. If i mention that i can see you, you will can hit me with mixing, i am not allowed to acknowledge you. Hey thanks for the thoughtful response i understand what youre saying and where you are coming from and i appreciate the dialogue you have opened up. In my opinion however i dont see a problem with gang injunctions causing hostility between gangs and police, that is where the hostility should be. The gang problem is insane in Los Santos at least 70% of my encounters are with gangs. Currently, since police dont attack gangs without probable cause (which is ridiculous in a climate where just wearing a color will instantly get you robbed or killed until you change the color this applies to vehicles too) the police go after the people who arent in gangs. speeding tickets and jaywalking tickets are laughable when a gang of 15 zetas drive by chasing a poor man. So in the current state we have gangs targeting civs because they are all in an alliance, and we have police arresting civs because they dont go after gangs because its too inconvenient and may cause shooting of officers. Well if you CHOOSE to be a cop and they CHOOSE to be a criminal what is the problem? It also raises my question again that wasnt addressed, why have a gang member limit? The Zetas essentially have a B team in the Triads, and WCA, and Misfits. You say youre sick people mentioning this fact, how about listening? People are mentioning at such a high rate because its ridiculous. Whats the point in a gang at all if youre all friends. Might as well ally with the police too.
  4. Didnt go his way so now youre reported. He gave you the chance to come back so he could rob you though. how thoughtful.
  5. Well it seems to me that these Crime Suppression Checks need to come back. The main problem with all these gangs working together is that people that want to be regular civilians are the ones who get targeted. Also all the gangs you mentioned going to war but none of them are Zeta or Triad which actually run the city. Find me a city where the two main gangs are also friends. Cracking down of the gang activity would help so much with the Fear Rp abuse as well in my opinion.
  6. They need to do it how they do it in real life. There need to be gang injunctions imposed in my opinion. Gangs are not legal in any city and in real life in major cities such as LA and NY they are allowed to stop and search any group of people that are affiliating in gangs. That means people all wearing the same color hanging out in the same locations are allowed by law to be searched. If gangs are going to openly tell everyone that they are gang members by wearing gang colors that everyone knows only gangs are allowed to wear then cops shouldnt have to play dumb like they dont know for a fact you are a gang banger. Life as a gangster should be hard. Right now its a joke they run the city entirely. WIth injunctions imposed these guys would actually have to be smart about their crimes and when and where they do them. I believe there should also be a meeting as to why these gangs are allowed to work together. That completely defeats the purpose of a gang, why wear a color at all if you all run together.
  7. Everyone in prison should be released the second the last DOC employee logs off. We just sit in prison with no guards for hours. if you get killed you lose your stamps and there are no DOC employees to do anything about the fact that i am now starving to death. Its also theft when they take my entire inventory and then arent even online when im released so i cant get it back. then im told to wait or come back tomorrow only for the server to have reset and all my shit deleted. Why are you punishing us irl for in game crimes?
  8. Are you serious with this post? How about gangs actually fight each other? of course theres nothing to do when you all hold hands and have an alliance. Theres a lot of money to be made robbing these big gangs but you are all too busy paying taxes to them. Gangs literally make up 80% of the city. You cant wear green yellow blue purple orange white black red and probably more that i dont even know about. How about we get some actual jobs for civilians? Lawyers so these cops actually need to do their jobs, judges, pilots, anything for the people that arent gang memebers. This whole server is already cops vs robbers
  9. Hey, Just wanted to let my thoughts be known on your forums because people seem to read these. Obviously, i think fear rp needs to be reviewed. The way this server is set up completely negates any opportunity for actual role playing outside of fear. I have been in this server for a few weeks now, playing for more hours than id like to admit and its the same thing every single time i log in. I dont meet new players and interact with them and their stories, i don't find new and interesting things to do, i just participate in fear rp. In fact the second you step out of your car, the other person usually drives off because they are AVOIDING fear rp leaving you with no meaningful interactions. Fear rp dominates all aspects of gameplay in this server. You will not play for more than 20 minutes without someone pulling up to you calling you a pussy and putting a gun to your head. They do this because they know exactly how you will respond because they know you have to adhere to fear RP. If a player has you under fear rp you are now allowed to be power-gamed for as long as they want to hold you down. For some reason these guys need to ask permission to search you despite the fact that you CANT say no under fear rp and if you have an actual rp reason you cant be searched they will ooc you and tell you they are searching you anyway. You have to do exactly what you are told. There is no creativity there is no reasoning. You are not allowed to speak you are not allowed to type they just tell you to shut the fuck up. Not bad if it happened once or twice, this happens every 20 minutes. If you try to talk your way out because your character would do that they tell you to stop delaying DESPITE the rules implying i am allowed my turn to rp. They even countdown from 5 seconds and just kill you if they decide you are too slow. You see, the whole thing about fear is its unpredictable. No one really knows how they would respond in a fight or flight situation and you guys completely take that away from us. We have to react in an orderly and kind fashion, its essentially whoever pulls the gun first wins and god forbid you get a gun pointed at you by a triad or wca as they dont have a plan and will keep you down on your knees for 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do next, dont even think about breaking fear though or an admin will appear and throw you in jail. You are expected to literally sit there and do nothing... Fear Rp is why 70% of the cities population are in gangs and is also why all the gangs work together. Triad, Zeta, Misfit who cares they all work together because they all are trying to AVOID fear rp. What kind of productive city boasts a gang rate of damn near everyone in the city? And why is there a limit on gang size when they all just work together anyway? Lastly why do you let Admins run the gangs? what an extreme conflict of interests you DONT see in other servers. The Admin will insist they are not biased in their reviews despite the fact that they all work together and in my experiences with a few (Mrwonanother, FroggyTommy) have been the least professional experiences of any rp server ive played in. (Mrwonanother changed into an admin and stabbed me to death at a prison in front of at least 5 other people, while Froggytommy would constantly be an overweight naked model and get in my car, if i mentioned seeing him i was ooc). its also not uncommon to see these admin as animals driving cars and fucking around at the bank (one of the most populated areas in game.) Good luck to any of you that are actually trying to rp, you guys are what i was looking for when i joined and i love the rare opportunity when i can find one of you. I hope you guys continue to make the city better. To the other 98% of you, have fun playing point your gun countdown simulator on new players.
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