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  1. This will be my last response only because I wanted to clear the air on your claim on us instantly shooting. We did not shoot immediately, we got out, gave demands and the passenger of the elegy began shooting our guy which resulted in his injury. From my pov you can sort of tell that the first shots that rang out were from the passenger side of the elegy. Then the passenger of the elegy gets injured. And I'll make it clear, the titles of the clips are not for toxic purposes, only for organization. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/night.
  2. Thank you for notifying me of this report. Here is my pov: https://streamable.com/9fjn7 We are ICly at war with their faction and once we spotted them we took action. As the driver i knew i needed to get close to them to have them acknowledge our presence and that we are giving them demands to stop and step out of the vehicle with their hands up. My intentions were not to ram them. The only parts where it may have seemed like a ram in the reporter's footage is when i used the contender to try and pull in front and block the elegy's path. But that is not the case, it was an attempt to block and they drove off the side by themselves. They begin to descend the mountain and i tail them. They acknowledge us when the driver replies, saying "yall have heavies, fuck off." Then they make an unexpected right turn, off the trail. Since it was unexpected and I thought they were trying to pull a move to get away from us, i quickly followed which resulted in an accident between both vehicles. We get out and shout demands at the elegy to get on their knees. I recognized that the purple rebla followed us and got out of their vehicle on top of the hill in which i run towards the reporter and attempt to shout demands at them while aiming a gun. They immediately pull out their guns and opened fire on my friends so i returned fire. But I'd like to say that the reporter and his party have some questionable actions. Upon leaving chilliad the reporter in his purple rebla attempt to block us from chasing the elegy. A purple rebla attempting to block a contender going on a slight downhill... And later on during the shootout the driver of the purple elegy goes into /b and says "let me go or im reporting." We told him to continue rp instead of going into /b. He then breaks fear rp and attempts to take out an ally of mine by shooting him with his .50 when we demanded him to drop it. https://streamable.com/4wri5
  3. Continued... Tyrese Davis "Camelot" Tyrese continues to put people in check and force them to realize where they belong in this city. He is constantly battling oppositions who think it's a shooting range when fighting the West Coast Assassins. By laying his life on the line he even finds his own worth in the city of violence. To Be Continued...
  4. ama2on

    The Rooks

    amazing ending @TonyRizzo!
  5. Looking to BUY a house at Grove Street. Send offers! Preferred method of contact is through my email ((forum pm or reply)) or text me #4814315
  6. congrats on the official!
  7. Continued... Tyrese Davis "Lane Changing" After Tyrese helped Lamar Scott escape the cops by picking him up on a Drag which meant ditching his Contender, he was caught lackin' with a Micro Uzi still around his waist. He had to escape and couldn't afford to go to jail as the rest of the West Coast Assassins were fighting their battles. With his father's help, Pops, he managed to escape. Losing the cops twice in a day definitely opened Tyrese's eyes on his capabilities. To Be Continued...
  8. Continued... Tyrese Davis "DNA" "Loyalty inside my DNA" Tyrese found his family. Even as they kept fighting NLA and Fog City he never turned his back towards them. The war with NLA soon enough ended and now it was time to rebuild. To Be Continued...
  9. Tyrese Davis "In The Dark" Tyrese entered the city not too long after his half-brother, Tanjiro Osaka, took his flight out of the city. He wasn't truly alone when facing this new city. He was left with some of his half-brother's assets, and quickly found Tanjiro's close friends: Ray Woods, Keshawn Black, and Dom Presky. They took Tyrese under their wing and was quickly recruited into WCA by Mike Laurie. He entered WCA in the midst of their war with the Ballas, Misfits, and NLA, but it didn't phase him. Tyrese was getting used to rolling with the crew, and running into rival gangs became less intimidating for him. He was achieving his goal of becoming more than what he is now. He lived his life with a gun in his hand at all times. Tyrese began to climb the ranks of WCA after putting an immense amount of effort into the gang and putting his life on the line for his brothers. He learned quick that being in a gang required one's dedication and personal life. He began to realize why Tanjiro had flown out. Even so, he didn't let it get to his head. WCA was his family, they had his back and he most definitely had theirs. To Be Continued...
  10. Looking to buy a maxed bati or trade my maxed bf400 for it. Negotiable, drop your offers.
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