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  1. Well like i said i runned to my car so i wasnt close enough to hear if my friend used VoIP to warn him or that UKassassin didnt comply to him.
  2. So like i said, checked for his stuff i took his battery so he wont call the cops. And then i told my friend to decide what to do with him, but sadly he just decided to kill him.
  3. Yes thats true you complied for me. But what happened when i left you both ? Did you complied to my friend? Cause i didnt heard your conversations because i runned away to my car.
  4. Hey! As you see in video, after i checked your body i went away and let Mike McBain decide what to do with you but he decided to killed you. So i kinda dont see where I did DM? And why your video has no voice? As you used voice chat there is no proof that you did full compliance with demands.
  5. Dennis_Makalio


    This is happening for 1 week already for me
  6. Dennis_Makalio


    Kinda looks this guy has the same problem
  7. Dennis_Makalio


    After every 10 min of playing im getting laggy. Like when lag starts commands react with 10 - 15 sec delay. With active /t i press like F button it runs to car and tries to get in. And when im trying to relog with F1 and pressing Left mouse buttons it hits people that is near. Already contacted with Osvaldson about this. Give me suggestions what to do.
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