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  1. Hey I'll be in contact with you later today as I'm interested in renting this property
  2. Personally with your reasoning maybe we can come to a compromise where if realistically your car would have the radio even if ads are muted it'd be shown because you can't avoid radio advertisements but I believe you should be able to mute it when walking on foot or in an emergency vehicle of some sort as realistically you wouldn't see the advertisements if you muted your phone or were on duty in a emergency services department
  3. So I'll be honest I'd also like it if I could mute it for a good while, whilst on duty for MD as when the ads come in force radio calls which are important so they get typed are drowned out by SELLING A 1G CONTACT XXXXX, LOOKING FOR SINGERS AND DANCERS, etc
  4. +1 Personally, I believe the system is quite annoying and unimmersive where it is currently maybe make yellow pages on the phone for where ads go and instead of it popping up on chat or making any sound you have to check it manually with the yellow pages app on your phone
  5. I'd rather this not exist but rather being able to sell a portion of a house if it has more then one garage so you could sell a 2g house in parts this making it essentially 2 1gs so this suggestion is a -1 from me champ
  6. Name and Surname (IC): Skylar Speer Discord Tag (OOC):Aerwyn#7455 Your experience:20940 Your experience as a driver: From having to drive immigrants around the town as a sort of tour guide I've been able to learn most of the streets and locations of the city. Your legal past:N/A Car you own and want to use as Uber Driver: Matte Black Egnus Cognoscenti 55 Phone number: #2698662
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