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  1. +1 However I would just like to add, whilst having the turfs there is a great idea to bring back. Isn't it still up to the factions at the moment to make their own 'turf'? For example the zeta store.. Yes it's close to an ncz but other crim factions can raid it and send a message but you don't. I assume it's because you don't want to then have retaliation if there are any survivors. But if you get them all and cut the cameras no will know unless you say something. Which yu could to increase your 'Street cred'. In my opinion just because there isn't a system doesn't mean yu can't rp it. Edit: cameras in the shop and alley due to the ncz stops on other side of road
  2. -1 So this is an RP server correct? Thus we want this to be a real life as possible, and yes I will obviously admit there are such things as burner phones however, everything that you do in real life is monitored, it is logged. Something simple as a phone number is registered to an owner.. in real life you buy a phone, you get a number.. that is your number, they can find that out. because its your number. There are only a certain amount of people that can use the tracking, if those certain people are found to have misused it they will get instant bollocking, they would most likely be fired and banned from the server for breaking rules. Yes anyone on PD can get your number and call you but as said that is something they can do in real life anyway, yet it doesn't mean we can track them.. just means that we can call you. and in some cases that helps us. When there is a stolen car, we can call the owner and tell them we have it, or ask if the person thats driving has person. Now if you had suggested something like blocking part of the number unless obtained through a warrant then that would be something id personally +1.. Yet all i ever see on the suggestions are just things being removed. Not improved.
  3. 300k? does it have a default license plate?
  4. Character to be refunded: Tobias Lee Date and time of incident: 05/08/2019 9am GMT+1 Requested refund (what and how much): 1000 Credits. Description of incident resulting in loss: I bought 1000 credits through the panel today, and they still as yet have no come through, I have also seen that other people have had the same problem since the maintenance on the panel. Evidence of loss: Evidence of Payment Comments: Thank you for any help you can give
  5. ruekatu


    Is the surano still available?. Was just wondering how fast it was?
  6. -1 it would be nice, but this would then just give people a way to p2w.
  7. ruekatu


    If only we could read about where you might hang
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