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  1. +1 literally get inspiration from any other Rage/FiveM server, copy and build on that. There are so many aps that could be used. Things like pinging location to a contact for a meeting point. An application that would work like twitter or a lesser known weazel news where people can post updates about their life or where you can buy/sell things. An app that would encourage racing by allowing someone to set up a custom track and setting up races where people can join, etc... Other servers have done this, if ideas are needed just do your market research, easy as that.
  2. My view on this always steers towards creating a more RP heavy environment. Sadly, I do not have any experience in any official gang, but what I can keep stressing to the founders and staff team as a whole, is do some market research!, hell I will even gladly provide said research for you provided you don't ban me for mentioning other servers. It is so unbelievably easy to go to other competitors who have managed to create a good heavy RP environment that is also fun. Obviously this isn't the solution to every problem as Eclipse has problems that are unique, but a lot of what is complained about on a daily basis already has solutions.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that weed made you into a killer...
  4. I would argue they fund criminals because marijuana is illegal, that's why I was saying it was circular. Making marijuana legal up until a certain amount might encourage people to produce and grow these drugs in a legal manner, selling them at dispensaries or just growing for personal use. However, I think that the main point of this is lost throughout this conversation. The main push for this change is to conform to the way we currently arrest these people. Or do you think we should just stick to the law and arrest anyone who has any amount of marijuana on them ?
  5. Yes, I think that the level of RP across the board would rise since we would hopefully see less people who don't know anything about RP, but I still think significant development in terms of scripts should be done to get to the level RP that I used to experience in old SAMP servers. While I'm at it I'll also add that some sort of ''market research'' should be done, I'm talking about literally going into other popular RP servers, seeing what they do well and then taking that building on it and improving it for our use. There has been some many cool features and rules, etc... that I've seen on other rage servers and in general in past RP games that could work really well on Eclipse, I'm just not quite sure why this isn't being done.
  6. Let me illustrate my point using a hypothetical example. If you have Server A with 300 players with little moderation and no in-depth restrictions on DM and KOS, then it is unreasonable to expect people not to KOS and DM eachother since the server doesn't actively work towards preventing this. The same, I would argue, applies here. Players can not be expected to have hardcore RP scenarios (most RP is basic at most although I'm sure there is in-depth RP by some) when the server allows new-players and other subpar players to remain on the server with modest consequences and doesn't give people access to script features that would enhance their roleplay. This doesn't mean people shouldn't RP, it just means that the expectation for a higher level of RP will probably not develop throughout the broader player base, this is evidenced by the current state of the server.
  7. +1 This rule was put in place for very good reasons, the aim is to decrease the amount of people going around robbing people. In essence, get rid of the cop vs robber mentality and encourage people to RP other things besides just being a criminal drone going from shop to shop robbing people 24/7. This is something I think should NOT exist and if it does, then it should be based on very good RP. The rule should have exceptions for day/night and even for some established gangs given their capacity and effectiveness. However, the real change that needs to be done is with regards to facilitating RP. I think it is unreasonable to except people to have good in-depth role-play scenarios when the server actively goes against this. - New Players: New-players should be vetted a lot better than they are right now, as PD I find myself in situation with new players very often (probably 4-5 times per day). I have nothing against new-players, but it happens to be that most new-players often combat log, break basic rules, have no concept of what /me and /do is and how to differentiate it, etc... This is supposed to be a ''Hardcore RP'' server, yet even with a quiz new-players who aren't even fit for light-RP are still getting in. This should be improved massively, have them conduct an interview with support staff on discord to verify they know, make sure you rotate quiz questions very often (this might be done already, not sure) or simply put, hand out a lot harsher bans for critical mistakes like now being able to do /me and /do. Sending them back to quiz is not good, they've already passed it once while demonstrating a clear lack of knowledge which likely means they've had someone else take it or cheated. Before anyone gets any ideas, this is NOT a criticism about new-players who might have slight difficulties in figuring out server commands or who might take a bit of time to respond because certain situations are hectic and they aren't used to it. This is strictly a suggestion aimed at new-players who have very little to no experience in role-play to the point where it is counter-productive , we are are NOT a light-roleplay server and anyone coming into the server should already have had some experience on others servers or the very least show they are able to understand basic RP functions like /me and /do. - We need a lot more script incentives for role-play. This means allowing people to create business accounts at the bank and manage their groups and organisations in a similar way the F4 menu allows factions and gangs to manage their stuff. This is not about the lack of ability to roleplay without script, rather it is an INCENTIVE for long-term roleplay instead of short-term roleplay.
  8. That's my point. Saying something is ''acquired illegally'' when the point of discussion is whether or not something should be legal is circular in nature. The same way that me saying ''No one can drive cars because they are acquired illegally'' is a circular argument because the point of discussion is making cars legal. In essence, marijuana is only illegal because we made it illegal, the way law enforcement currently approaches the problem is to give some lee way, that lee way should be reflected in the penal code, that's it. Edit: Not to mention that virtually buying anything in this city funds criminals. Every time you buy something in 70% of stores, you're indirectly funding criminals.
  9. I agree this should be an IC thing, but the long-term failure of such systems when people regularly complain IC'ly is why we need to address it OOC'ly. Same applies for other issues, especially when talking about things like ''City Hall'', anyone who has ever written an IC thread aimed at SA GOV or tried to contact someone in person by going to city hall knows it is nearly impossible to get an answer from them. If we had proper staffing in city hall, a section on government forums with regular community suggestions for IC issues, etc.. then maybe it would work, but we don't have it which is why people like OP feel like they are forced to write these threads out. Sometimes we can only expect people to act in a certain way IC'ly when we have a supporting infrastructure that allows them to do this effectively, when that isn't in place then sadly we must resort to OOC solutions, even if it's just to get someone's attention and inform them about the issue.
  10. This, tow truck training is something even SD/PD cadets do as part of their second training session, that's because we are aware of how busy impound calls can get (even if sometimes we still take responding) and because it doesn't take a genius to use a tow truck. This should be part of the standard mechanic training, not a special certification or unit.
  11. To claim that the reason as to why people should not carry these drugs is because they are illegal is circular given that these drugs were made illegal, which necessarily creates the impossibility of them ever being procured legally unless MD approves a medical use license. For one to argue as to why these drugs should be illegal further reasoning must be given (e.g. They cause harm, they make people slow, etc...). Simply stating they should remain illegal because they are illegal is in my view invalid reasoning and a logical fallacy given the circular nature of the argument. Furthermore, this penal code change is more so to represent the current law enforcement attitude towards people in possession of drugs (specifically marijuana), unless your opposition to this change signifies that you are in full agreement if law enforcement starts prosecuting everyone in possession of any quantity of marijuana to the full extent of the law with no exceptions. Feel free to reach out if any further clarification on the issue is needed.
  12. Before I start, this is NOT a ''give everyone F4 menu access'' thread. Players, especially groups. Should be able to scritply create a bank account and shared organisation account (Like the F4 menu). Essentially my idea with this suggestion is facilitate groups that aren't official factions or gangs to organise and have a way to share things scriptly speaking like vehicles. So in the case of the trucker's union for example. They would be able to set up their fleet through the organisation menu, allowing any rank they chose to unlock and lock these vehicles. They could also choose to have different branches they assign people to like long haul and short haul or management and normal members. Etc... What would this do ? - It would allow organisations (LSMC or Trucker's Union) and businesses to set things up a lot more easily than they currently can. - It would be used as a hub so owners of businesses and leaders of organisations can create a treasury, allocate members to branches, have a clear hierarchy with permissions they can edit (Example: Member Rank 1 can lock and unlock any organisation vehicle, but doesn't have access to the treasury) - Would encourage the creation of RP groups These types of menus are already being used by known competitors, there is no reason Eclipse shouldn't have a similar system and I believe any cons that may be brought up are easily outweighed by the benefits.
  13. Dear Los Santos Citizens, This is a petition to officially change a portion of the penal code to better fit the current procedures carried out by Law Enforcement as well as represent the overall national push for drug legalisation. Current Penal Code: As it stands, any drug in the state of Los Santos is illegal. This might come as a surprise to some of you who have previously been caught with marijuana and let go. This is because the enforcement of this law is different to what is on paper currently. As it stands, Law Enforcement will generally be forgiving if someone is found in possession of a few grams of marijuana or plants. Proposed Change: By signing this petition you are supporting an update to the penal code that better reflects today's views on drugs and what law enforcement currently enforces. Feel free to copy and paste the format bellow if you support this idea. I, [FIRST, LASTNAME] support this idea and would like to see a change in the current penal code. [FIRST NAME & LAST NAME]
  14. Removed Rapid GT Classic from Paleto High-End Contact 535-6160
  15. Added Rapid GT Classic [Custom Plate: 1968] @ Paleto High-End
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