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  1. I think decreasing the use of racial slurs that in my view are used in a non-RP manner would by proxy increase the quality of RP. However, as I've said before my bigger point was that it isn't needed.
  2. It wouldn't make a difference, I've RP'ed countless characters from hood gang, to business man to doctor, in no situation did I ever feel like using racial slurs enhanced the role-play. Well it might be realistic in terms of degree, but how this sexism and racism is portrayed on the server is unrealistic. I acknowledge that these things happen IRL, I just don't think that this server has the roleplay standard to convey these things in a way that makes it clear they are playing a character. In other words, OOC and IC mix and people choose to say these terms out of edginess or just having the freedom to do so as opposed to saying them because it makes RP sense. I hope you realise this discussion is pointless. If you're point of view is that these things should be said because people choose to say it then there isn't much I can do to convince you. All I wanted to point out is that from a content creator point of view and in comparison to most other RP communities in a multitude of other games they have rules against this and in some cases the RP standard is x10 higher than what we find here. The most comparable situation I can think of is back in the day when I played GMOD and all you would hear is some kids running around yelling Nigger and Faggot, sure you can claim they did it because they were playing a character and they might have even been dressed as gang members, but it's pretty obvious the only reason they said it was to fit a stereotype and to be edgy, not to ''enhance roleplay''.
  3. You say that in a sarcastic tone, but you realise that's literally how any rule works right ? You make one and enforce it, pretty simple. If you or your group fails to abide by the rules set out by the server then that is obviously punishable.
  4. ''This is to much. I don’t see how this could be enforced fairly.'' - No use of racial slurs There you go, a simple rule that isn't hard to enforce.
  5. You missed the entire point of my analogy. The topic of racism affects a lot of people IRL, whether it's because you are an immigrant or black, etc... Having our players take these serious topics lightly by using these terms in a way that does not enhance RP is essentially a big fuck you to the entire anti-racism movement. When you have some random guy yelling nigger at bank or casually using it when it doesn't fit his character this IS NOT separating ''IC and OOC'', it's dumb kids using the leniency this server happily provides on racism and using it to be edgy or just for the sake of saying it. The irresponsible use of these terms is why I would like to see a rule against it. Same applies for sexism, like that post that got quite a bit of attention a few months ago mentioned. You see players thirsting and OOC'ly asking players using a female model if they are girls IRL, throwing out random insults based solely on the fact that they are women or portraying one. Now you tell me if you seriously think any of these players have an IC reason to do this ? Personally, I think it's quite clear that the answer is no, they see a girl they act like morons and then they keep on going because this community can't be bothered to notice that the privileges they've granted aren't being used for their intended purposes, but as an excuse to abuse it and the exact same thing applies to racism.
  6. Just to make it clear, my point was that great RP can be displayed without the use of racial slurs. I am not against RP using racial slurs in theory, but my argument is that as it currently stands those who do use racial slurs ''ICly'' are doing so not to enhance RP but just for the sake of saying it or to be purposely edgy. Furthermore, allowing this takes away the server's opportunity to be accessible to a wider audience, including content creators. Several people have stopped streaming or refuse to play because they know that someone can just drop an N-bomb and there is nothing that can be done about it. I brought up FamilyRP and NoPixel because there are examples of great RP servers that can portray multiple types of characters without the use of racial slurs. I don't think that taking a page out of their book would affect the quality of roleplay in eclipse at all, and the benefits of doing so would be significant.
  7. +1 While we're throwing suggestions into the mix, I have a few. Business Bank Accounts Allow business owners to create a business bank account to deposit and withdraw money into. Have an advanced feature to add people to the account and set permissions (So one person could see the money in the account, but not withdraw, others could withdraw and deposit, etc...) Right now, if you are running a business that involves a lot of money it is hard to keep track of everything. It would also help to distinguish between personal money and money on the account.
  8. Threads about this have been written in the past. The level of RP on this server from your average player is already subpar, I doubt taking away their ability to say ''nigger'' will impact them much. You want a good example of good RP without the use of racial terms then just look at NoPixel or FamilyRP, granted these are mainly played by streamers but it goes to show that you can get excellent quality RP without the racial slurs. As for the social justice meme, idk my dude if you want to reduce the entire argument into SJW shit then suit yourself, but maybe reflecting on what is being said is the more productive thing to do.
  9. I mean when the problem is widespread to an entire game genre it becomes everyone's issue. You can try and pretend that all players are able to separate IC from OOC, but that's not possible. The entire movie industry for example is based on the assumption that movies can make people feel happy, sad, angry, etc... People then take these emotions and reflect on them, affecting them in real life. Do you go up to someone and say ''Don't feel anything, it's just some actors saying some words''?
  10. I agree with you in theory, I think that we should be able to distinguish these, my argument is that it's just not the case, hardly ever to players leave all their OOC views and emotions out of IC.
  11. This is all about perspective. There is bound to be times where you get into an argument with another person or there is beef between you and another gang, in these cases I think it makes sense to have some hard words thrown at each other, tell someone to go fuck themselves, tell them to go kill themselves, etc... My argument is that racist slurs, transphobic and sexist slurs should probably be avoided given the polarisation of these terms and how people receive them. This isn't to say that calling someone a nigger is worse than telling them to kill themselves, but we perceive these two things differently. I would argue that in the realm of RP racial slurs are off limits and what you mentioned is more acceptable, even if they seem like contradictory positions. Again, this is why virtually every RP server in ArmA, SAMP, GMOD and even GTA 5 has some sort of rule against racism and racial slurs.
  12. Yes to all of those. If people aren't capable of forgoing the use of racist, transphobic, homophobic and sexist slurs, substituting them for something better then that speaks to the quality of roleplay around the server. I believe that some might use these slurs to truly enrich their characters. However, this is a very very small minority of players, the other 95% to be edgy or just because they can with no roleplay reason behind it. So knowing this, the answer is pretty easy. Make these rules to accommodate people because the impact on the quality of roleplay will be non-existent.
  13. This is literally not true. Anyone who's done roleplay for a decent amount of time knows that IC=IC and OOC=OOC is a utopian dream. People shouldn't be affected by stuff in character but sadly it happens all the time. To pretend that this issue is easily solved by "Just keep it IC 4Head" shows a lack of understanding about how roleplay communities work and more importantly how people work.
  14. +1 I've addressed this issue in the past. Anyone who says ''just deal with it'' has either never experienced this or is in an extremely privileged position. Silly me, I guess I should just get over it even though literally every country in the western world has hate speech laws... If you want a financial reason to implement racism/sexism rules then just look at the amount of people who might not want to stream knowing what can happen and how complicit this community is with regards to racist slurs. At the end of the day implementing these rules will make some people happy, more likely to keep playing and to create content VS a few white bois that will be disappointed that they can't say nigger anymore. I wonder which one is the better choice 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  15. -1 Don't think they need to be removed, just buff PD/SD bikes or at least allow for passive deployment of these assets., the latter being mainly an IC issue.
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