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  1. Account name: Hamadasidqi Character name(s): Hamada Sidiqi Admin who issued punishment: - Date of punishment: - Punishment received: Perma ban Reason given for punishment: - Your explanation of what happened: I got two EclipseRP accounts, Hamadasidqi and Rashirosidqi. Neither of the accounts are banned but I think my IP was banned. Apparently my brother was banned and it banned me. I've tried with a different GTA client but it's not working. In case you can't unban me and want the exact reason/date/admin then I can redownload GTA and it'll pop up when I try to connect. I only remember that it said it was a permanent ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I know I'm responsible for both my account and IP address but I really don't think I deserve a permanent ban. I think I'm one of few player that values good roleplay over gang shootings. Why I didn't make this appeal earlier is because some of the "main characters" of the server left and I felt like the gangs were taking over. If it's okay I'd like to revisit the city to see how everyone's doing. muther bitch
  2. Me and Lil Jay are going back to India. This city is not a place for Indians. We might come back some day with our Indian squad but till then, remember, only we can reach nirvana. Have fun reincarnating as pigs, fuckers. But for real, We're leaving the city. Fuck zetas, fuck vice and especially the clowns. //Hamada and Lil Jay
  3. Yea, right now we're working on the album. As soon as it's released we will start touring in Los Santos.
  4. Type of work [Avatar / Signature / Logo / Rankings]: Logo Wallpaper work [required]: make it swag Work text: MJ Records Work Effects [Yes / No]: sure, u decide The size of the work [Optional]: Example of work [Optional]: It's for a record label. So a vinyl record with MJ Records on it would be lit. How much are you willing to pay for work? 25k, depending on the result. Might be more might be less. Esketit
  5. Walla! My name is Hamada Sidiqi. I'm one of the founders and producer of MutherJucker Records. I lost my house so i'm currently looking for someone with a spare room or two where I can live and produce my sick beats. My number is 382-2398
  6. We're a small team running Los Santos biggest record label. With all the hottest rappers signed to our label like Lil Jay and our new producer, Hamada Sidiqi you probably already heard of us. We also have a professional video editor and cameraman for our music videos, Rahul Akbar. We believe in perfection and with no competition on the market we're ready to take over the world. OUR TEAM MANAGER: -Hamada SIdiqi (temp) (382-2398) PRODUCER: - Hamada Sidiqi (382-2398) ARTISTS: - Lil Jay (510-6343) VIDEO: - Rahul Akbar (217-3552) WORK FOR US Do you wanna work for the most promising record label in the city? Right now we're searching for: - Manager - Limousine driver - Body Guards WANT A FEATURE? If you want a feature on one of Lil Jay's track or any of our other artists you can contact us and we'll figure out a reasonable price. HIRE A PRODUCER Want to become the next famous artist in Los Santos? Hire one of our professional producers and video editors and we'll make the work for you. ALL OUR SONGS WILL BE RELEASED UNDER MUTHERJUCKER RECORDS LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC
  7. " I come here to take my car back",That's still NLR. I rate 8/8 english btw. Show the full two minutes then lol.
  8. Ok whatever maybe "another on time kid"
  9. This was me and my friend. Show them the full clip with the part when you try to drive us over because you got robbed. Here's a screenshot of him insulting me. He also came back and broke NLR. In the video you can also hear that he is metagaming with his friend.
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