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  1. 225K i will buy it straight away
  2. Furbz

    First person

    First person mode in GTA V makes me nauseous. So please don't it would mean i can't play eclipse anymore
  3. Furbz


    Selling BestiaGTS FULLY MODDED $275.000 at High End Car Market Contact: Phone: #3615411
  4. This is a good point @Roberto_Sanchez. One thing that also should be fixed is the fact that we can't use VOIP while our MDC is open. We were able to do this in the past but it seems to be removed after the server switched to the VOIP system from RAGE. Is it possible to fix this?
  5. Furbz


    1.3 Million. All my money. Take it
  6. @Dmitrij Nagiev Wanted to do some illegal stuff... This is opening fire without any RP involved so could be considerd KOS. There was no communication towards us as PD. The fact that you thought that we were arresting someone tells us that you were not involved within this RP moment. You interupt a RP that you had no connection with. Just don't enter a RP when your character doesn't have any connection to it besides "wanting to do illegal stuff". This ruined the RP for us as PD and partly for the suspect that where allowed to go off. As proven in the video, there is no communication coming from your group towards us. I can't hear anyone saying something like: "Let them go or we will shoot". A person aiming a gun at a officer is direct threath for a Police officer. We can open fire when there is direct threath with possible lethal damage.
  7. These people were not at the scene for a long time. They had were not involved withing this RP and had no clue what was happening. We figured out that we had lack of evidence and wanted to release the suspects. At this moment the people pull up and start shooting us out of nowhere. There was no radio communication that could lead to this event. The people who are in cuffs are not able to use a radio after all. This would point towards an ooc way of communication otherwise known as metagaming. These people didn't say anything before opening fire on us. This is considerd Killing On Sight in my opinion. Drawing the Assault Rifle isn't RPed either. Where did he get it from, his back pocket? There was no text or voice RP before shooting at us. The RP would have been that we let the suspects go because there was not enough evidence. This RP got interupted by this shooting. There was no reason to shoot at us because they were not involved within this RP. They arrived at the scene and opened fire. RP like this makes the server weak, we have a lot of incidents like this lately. Please make it stop and get the "real" RP back. Thomas Bennet
  8. I'm a cadet and i'm in the highest class as well. This system is promoting criminal activities too much. A druglab can get you a lot of money without taxes being paid. I think is economy system will change the RP within Eclipse a lot, in a bad way. People will start killing eachother faster and more deadmatching will happen. I have seen it on other servers as well.
  9. Furbz


    Thanks for the advice! I just added some pictures and the location.
  10. Furbz


    Amazing Vinewood Villa Price: $450.000 We can always talk about the price I'm currently selling my lovely 3 car garage villa in Vinewood. It has a endless deep pool with a amazing view. It also has a easy to reach balacony. The backyard is easy to reach by a nice path that goes around the house. The house is built on a hill in the upper section of Vinewood. Feel free to go there and walk around. The door will be unlocked. Contact Thomas Bennet #3615411 Furbz#[email protected] Front of house: Backyard: The house seen from the outside. Overall view of the backyard: Location on the map/GPS
  11. Please fill the form: Furbz First name, Surname: Thomas, Bennet Do you think the new system is fair: YES / NO Evidence of unfair taxes ((provide a screenshot if possible) https://gyazo.com/14079f901918e12c78acf55f51ccf8f2 OOC: This new salary system in a bit weird in my oponion. The fact that we can only store $100.000 makes sense. We don't want to have a lot of money into the economy all of a sudden. The value of money will drop when this happens. Good call on this one. The increase in taxes, i don't get it. My salary was almost cut in half. (See screenshot.) It makes sense that the rich pay more, but this amount is just too much. What are you guys even doing with the money that goe to taxes? It is used for something or is it just gone? The thing that makes me mad is the fact that this wasn't introduced in a good way. A lot of people where caught by suprise and lost big amounts of money because of it. I have seen screenshot of people losing over $300.000 because of this system. Lower the percentages, this new system is promoting people to get VIP status so they pay less taxes. I know thatwe need money to keep the server running. Btut this is not the correct way.
  12. I'm selling my amazing FULLY max modded Windsor. Looking for $200.000 $180.000 $175.000 It's currently on High End Car Market We can always talk about the price Stockprice is $160.000 So you will be paying $40.000 for all upgrades. This is a great deal! Front: Back: Mods: Contact: Thomas Bennet #3615411 Mail: Furbz#[email protected]
  13. Offering 350K. Will buy immediatly. Greetings, Thomas Bennet #3615411
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