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  1. Give the cops some kinda interceptor then? Whats wrong with having 300kph cars as long as cops got em too
  2. Yeah I've always wondered why they don't do this. I want a Tulip or a Non-Flying Deluxo
  3. Cops shouldn't be able to have anything criminals cant have. Body Armor and all weapons should be available just very expensive. The fact that we all locked to like a 50 cal pistol, a uzi, shotgun and AK when theres like 20 guns in the game that police can all have is just silly. Only exception to this I can think of is the Tazer
  4. I used to be part of TRAF for like a year, I loved that server
  5. From what I can see in the video he clearly drove down it
  6. Whoa 24 hour ban? That's a little much
  7. I will get out and speak next time, very sorry
  8. Well the first hit was because he stopped abruptly and I couldn't stop in time, however on my end he got out of his car and stood there I didnt realize I ran him over. Hate to use desynch as an excuse but will accept punishment. Sorry to all those involved
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