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The Santos Organization

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The Santos Organization started as a way for a group of friends to do organized crime while fronting as a legal not for profit organization. The Santos Organization is known for their soup kitchens around the city and helping the poor find jobs and a nice place to live. Fronting as a not-for-profit organization gave them the benefit as portraying themselves as the good guys in the public and law enforcement’s eyes while committing the biggest and profitable crimes under the shroud of darkness. When a bank would get robbed The Santos Organization was the least suspect of them all. The organization prefers to hide in plain sight.


In order to blend in as a non-profit agency the roles within the organization are set up differently than a normal gang.

The organization’s hierarchy is as follows:

Chairman - The Chairman serves as the head of the board and is the tie breaking vote if needed.

The Board - The Board is the most cherished position within the organization. The board is made up of a few individuals who control the organization using a democratic system.

CEO – Elected by The Board. Oversees the day to day activities.

Partner – Trusted member in the organization, highest appointed rank

Senior Manager – In charge of the Managers

Manager – In charge of the Staff reports to Senior Manager

Staff – Regular member of the organization

Associate – Recruit, must be voted into the organization by The Board to become a staff member

Intern – Probationary stage


How to join?

-          Find us, we are in navy blue vehicles and dress in navy as well

-          Or you may call or text The Chairman #2794145 to setup a meeting.

OOC Rules:

-          Follow all server rules

-          Know how to roleplay

-          Speak English




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