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Faction Warehouse suggestion

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Hello everyone,

So i have started playing in eclipse server like 2 months ago, I can't say that am veteran or something but for sure i am not a new member and after couple of things that happened lately in the server it made me thinking. So as you probably understood already from the title it will be a topic about the warehouses.

I will start from the begging:

 we have started to build a new faction/gang, everything was new and interesting, but when you get a stable members and want to have something as a gang/faction and do more things than stealing cars or from the general stores, the first thing comes up to the mind is a warehouse. Probably all of you know that there is a lot of warehouses taken already and that is fine, because it shows that the server is alive.

But two or three days ago, something happened, we went to a war with faction called "Cheirman" and yeah, like for 100% we had a reason to do that, if you would be interested to hear about it a can easily tell you, but for now, lets move to the point: We took like 3 hours to take it, and when we finally did it  we were really happy about that we got a place for our faction/gang. The next day we joined the server and our warehouse was gone and the reason was that "Cheirman" took it from other gang without any reason, we didn't get any notification about it or there wasn't even a chance to know that and it was because "Cheirman" owned it for like 4-3 weeks.  Some guys told as that "you should be active at the forum so you would have known that", i am active, but seriously i will not go and read all the new posts, topics that for me looks not interesting or informative. Anyway, we didn't get any notification about it and they just gave it back to them "The lost family". Well if that really happened that the "Cheirman" took it without any reason, than i agree , they deserve to get it back. But what triggered my nerves was that the gang that got the warehouse back is almost gone and inactive as there is only 6 members, 2 of them is online active. So i thought about going around the map and tried to see what is the situation with the warehouses and this is what i got:
"Ballas" - 10 members, 2 come online only just to not lose the warehouse. 
"The serpents" - 7 members in total and only 3 guys active.
"Ten Soldiers" - 6 members in total and they are all inactive.
"The lost family" 13 members and 6 of them are active.

So as you know or maybe don't the server rules about the warehouse are this: If the gang/faction is inactive for more then 3 months , they looses the warehouse, but the funniest part is that it is enough only for one player to join from the faction and the timer resets, also you can't go to a war without any reason, so lets go straight to the summary: the old gangs who used to be active and play they will own the warehouses even if they aren't playing and doing nothing with the warehouse. 

For my opinion this is really fucked up, a lot of new gangs came to the city, but to be honest after doing the same things as gang all over again: stealing cars, robbing stores, general stores, fighting other gangs without possibility to actually get something from it, gets boring as hell.


My suggestions is:
- Lowering the time of inactive status from 3 months to 2 weeks.
- Making that 1 player active wouldn't be enough and the timer wouldn't reset (minimum to 5-6 players)
- Setting a timer for how long player should be in the server so the timer would reset. (now it is enough for player to join for 5 minutes and it is enough)

Waiting for all opinions and suggestions from other players, also i would be really interested hearing from the admins, because all the time i can only hear from them: "I don't know", "you should ask that guy", "you should post in the forum". 

Thanks for the attention and have a nice weekend. Cheers

P.S sorry for the grammar.

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Hey! In the past. The rule was that if a faction is inactive for 3 months or so. The turfs would be open for grabs if enough factions asked for it to head admins. This happend alot in the past. If been doing turfs and crime stuff for 8 months or so. 


I suggest to add a new server rule that states that 60% of the members need to be active. And kicking members to get the 60% is also not allowed.

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+1 Totally agree, unactive players making those turfs useless- less action for other gangs, they dont have what to do, also there should be new system without admin interactions cuz its bullshit,.. There should be system or smth.. that if there is like 10people online from a gang which has turf other gang could fight for that turf.

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