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Add on to Store Robberies

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I think there should be a script like /Missingmoney Police can use at a general store. This would allow the officer to see how much money is missing from the clerk for the past hour or so. This would also be good because when people actually do call in a store robbery and know the description of the people and the police find them they should when searching the people see if that amount of money is on their persons that they stole from the stole clerk if they  haven't dumped the money yet. I think this would add to RP and would be great for the server.

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Maybe maybe, but I have two questions(or maybe more)

What if person already stashed the money?
What if police catch the different guy?(lets be honest saying black shirt black pants can be 100 players, and if he's going for the more detailed stuff he needs to interact)

What once the police catch the thief anyway? I mean yes sure they can/will arrest him, but he gets fined anyway once he's getting jailed...

etc etc, there're plenty of unanswered questions here

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2 hours ago, Cooksley said:

If the person stashed the money then thats a good criminal and wouldnt be able to be solved that way and they most likely will get free unless they have a detective up their ass

assuming that you're replying to my questions...(please quote next time)

Yes there're plenty of different clothes I agree, but point still goes to "black t shirt black jeans blue jeans black jacket etc" you don't come to police officer and say "He wore a blue ripped denim jeans made in china, black jacket with white stripes on the shoulder by nike, addidas freerunner and the gucci t shirt" yes you can if you interact with the person roleplay etc but you don't just go to store robber and start talking with him how's life etc and leave.. he would find a way to disable your police call sort to say, fyi I have seen plenty of people that looked pretty much nearly same as me

Point being if he stashed it... what's the all the idea behind the suggestion? I mean don't get me wrong I can see some positive stuff it in but there're plenty of holes.. another example.
Checking money past one hour... maybe store owner took some out? maybe there were more robbers at the same or the different time etc, maybe robber logged off.. 

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