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Weazel Entertainment News Network [WENN]

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This faction thread is completely Out of Character (OOC).  Absolutely no information gathered here may be used In Character (IC).




Weazel Entertainment News Network, otherwise known as Weazel News, is the leading provider of the day-to-day news and advertisements throughout America.  With departments in Liberty City and Los Santos, Weazel News has built a strong network of customers, readers, viewers, and followers.

In Los Santos, the Weazel News main broadcasting building can be found in Little Seoul, and is where the company holds their day-to-day operations.
WENN is a company that is continuously growing and trying to take over all of the media aspects in both Los Santos and Liberty City.  For inquiries, you can easily reach Weazel News with a quick phone call or text on your mobile device.  ((/newsagency))




Weazel News was originally founded in Liberty City in 2005.  After rapid success in Liberty City, Weazel News tried to explain across all of America.  Their plan was successful and their second headquarters was founded here in Los Santos in 2013. Initially, they had a rough start and went through many different executives who tried to make Weazel News flourish in the new city.  

After taking a step back, they realized they were trying to achieve too much at once.  They decided to place their focus on advertising.  The decision seemed to be a good one, as the business started exploding.  Many companies started to use Weazel’s advertisements as a way to promote their business - some even setting up contracts with WENN.  

Once Weazel News had a steady stream of profit from their advertising department, they decided to go back to their roots.  They developed a newspaper and a television station, where their reporters could broadcast and share current events with all the residents of San Andreas.




Weazel News has three main branches within the company:

Advertising, Writing, & Reporting


The advertising department is in charge of providing ads, either a single or in a batch of bulks, to our customers when requested.  Advertisements are used to promote registered businesses, the buying and selling of personal property and legal goods, and sharing licensed events.


The advertising department is also responsible for the selling and maintenance of GPS blips for businesses and homes for sale throughout San Andreas.


The writing department is in charge of the city’s newspaper and magazine.  Advertisements are able to be purchased by licensed businesses and run in the newspaper, featured alongside articles written by the city’s best journalists.  Our newspaper can be found HERE.

The reporting department uses Weazel’s news room, green screen, and state of the art camera equipment to broadcast videos, reports, and special programs to your favorite smart device.  Our news network channel can be found HERE.





The Rumpo is the most iconic and recognizable vehicle within the Weazel News fleet.  This is the only vehicle available for interns, and is large enough for all the equipment needed to create a good report and/or advertisement.



The Faggio is perfect for advertiser’s to zip around Los Santos city limits and get in small alleyways to place blips for houses, apartments, and businesses. The Faggio is only approved for requests inside the city, and is not large enough to hold any reporting equipment.




Weazel’s Mesa is a reliable SUV for employees that is large enough to hold all of Weazel’s camera equipment, while giving employees a safe way to travel from the city up to Paleto.



Weazel’s Surge is an eco friendly electric car for Lead and Senior employees that is large enough to hold all of Weazel’s camera equipment, while giving employees a stylish way to travel from the city up to Paleto.



The luxurious Huntley is the SUV only available is reserved for Weazel’s management team, and is perfect for pulling up to customer’s, meetings, and police scenes.  Fully equipped with cameras, microphones, and a wifi hotspot, the Huntley is always ready to catch the city in action.



The sleek Scout is the SUV only available to High Command, it’s high end look perfectly matches the drivers role in the company and has plenty of space in the back for all the Weazel equipment needed, from meetings with commissioners to catching that news story.



The Weazel Maverick helicopter only to be flown by management who have undergone training to fly. A great resource for the company used to gather information for news articles or reports.




In order to apply for a position in Weazel News, you must complete the following steps:


1. Read and understand the Weazel News Employee Handbook

2. Have at least 6,000 experience points on the character you’re applying for

3. Fill out the application by clicking HERE

4. Create a topic in our Weazel News Recruitment Section with this title format: [Application] First Name, Last Name

5. Await a response from a member of our Human Resources team.

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Molly jumped up from her desk in a hurry, rushing to clock off after hiring nearly ten new employees in one day. She was in such a hurry to get home and relax with that she left her scribbled notes all over her desk.



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