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Koda Villain (McDonald)

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 So you wanna know my backstory? Well hopefully this suits your interests. I was born in Chicago Illinois into a family consisting of Me my Mom, Dad, Jeff McDonald (Oldest) and Devin McDonald (Middle Child). We were never the most wealthy family most of the time barely making ends meet, at a young age I realized though that family meant everything and as the saying goes “Blood is thicker than water”. No matter what happened I always knew at the end of the day I had my two older brothers to guide me to greatness just wish one of them had not been murdered in cold blood for my stupid decisions. You see, my oldest brother Jeff did not have the greatest upbringing; he dabbled in drugs and the “gang” lifestyle and it was just a downward spiral for him. He told me a story one time about one day a guy approached him offering a job as a ‘Getaway Driver” for a “Event” that was happening soon. They exchanged phone numbers and a couple days later he received a phone call and was told to meet at a parking garage where a vehicle would be waiting and he was to “Drive this vehicle to a certain location and wait”. He waited a good 20 minutes until 3 guys in ski masks jumped in the car and told him to “DRIVE NOW”. As soon as they hopped in, police cruisers started to swarm the scene and on impulse my brother Jeff slammed his foot on the gas and just went for it. Driving in and out of alleyways cutting through intersections and backroads to finally lose the police. After that he drove them to a secluded field to meet with the same gentleman who offered him this job, when Jeff arrived they all got out and handed bags of cash to the man he knew what he had just done. The gentleman was impressed with Jeff's driving and offered him a position as the crew's “Driver” to which he accepted. 




Now growing up was very hard for me. I just could not focus in school and would constantly start fights with other kids over the dumbest stuff just because I wanted to take my anger and frustrations out on something. High school was not any better, barely showed up and when I did it was just to chat with friends and never pay attention or do any work. Most of the days consisted of me messing around at school and coming home to help my brother with work on his car. Now I knew what he was doing with all the stories he told me and I decided one day I had enough of this School shit and wanted to show interest in this “Getaway Driver” line of work to which Jeff shot me down real quick, and told me he could not stand to see me get hurt or arrested. Now senior year I met this friend named Akelius but everyone called him AK, but he approached me with this idea to roll with him and his crew after school one day and I thought ‘Why Not”? Little did I know this would start a very bad trend and downward spiral into bad territory. After school I met AK and his “Crew” in the courtyard to which we hopped in a 4 door and drove 30-35 minutes to what looked like an old office building in the middle of nowhere. We all got out and headed inside and that's when I asked myself “Did I make a mistake?” Inside was a random guy strapped to a chair all bloodied and bruised barely able to talk. All I could do was stand there and watch as AK walked up to the man asking him “Where did you hide the money?” The guy just said “I do not know man, come on let me go” and AK proceeded to hit him with a 2x4 four times with the guy just spitting blood he told him “It is hidden behind the fridge at the crib”. Then AK took me to this crib to grab the money and along the way described to me about possibly joining this “Crew” to which I jumped on the opportunity almost instantly. Before I knew it I was with this crew just jumping from store to store stealing everything, money, alcohol, even candy. 




 After many successful store runs AK brought up the idea of hitting a local bank drop he had compromised from an interior source to which we all agreed upon immediately. For the next couple weeks we planned EVERYTHING, getaway routes, specific countermeasures for different possible scenarios, what cars we would use and where they would be planted, who would do what, even down to what type of mask we would wear. Then came the day of the heist AK and me arrived 15 minutes early to this money drop to be ready for the other members signal, the truck arrives right on schedule and the guards get out to which we jump out and hold them a gun point screaming at them to “OPEN THE BACK NOW OR DIE! Once opened we just look at each other and laugh and smile under our masks, inside was just BAGS AND BAGS of cash equating to about one million. We give the other members the signal and they pull up and open the trunk to which we just toss bag after bag till it is empty. Once empty we hop into a vehicle and drive to the getaway vehicle spot while we are unloading from one vehicle to the other we all chat about what we are going to spend our money on. I tell them I'm finally getting out of this shit hole and gonna support my brother and get us both into a better life. Once the final bag was loaded we set the getaway vehicle on fire and began walking towards the getaway car.




 We drove and got out Scott free with no police interception. When I got home I tried looking for my brother, but could not find him anywhere. I tried calling his phone and AK picked up the phone and said “So you think you could steal money from me and I would not find out”? Now I knew I had been smuggling a little extra cash then I should have to myself, but I just wanted to get me and my brother out of here as soon as possible. AK told me to meet him at the “Clubhouse”, when I arrived though my heart sank as I saw my brother Jeff tied to a radiator beaten within an Inch of his life and at that moment I realized what was happening. AK walked in and all he said was “This is what happens when you steal from me”, and shot my brother square in the head right in front of me. I didn't even get to say sorry or goodbye just one second he was there and then he wasn’t. This exact moment plays in my head on repeat almost daily for about 2 years. Now at this time I had packed up everything, took what money I had and just drove without stopping unless to get gas, but I do not even remember how long I drove for. I arrived in a place called “Los Santos” and decided to make this place my new home, while unpacking some of my stuff I found a picture with me and my older brother Jeff in it. For some reason though It was shattered from the drive so I took it out and the note fell out to which I picked it up and read it. 




I broke down at that moment and just cried for god knows how long. After a couple of days of just sitting in my apartment I decided it's time to get back on my feet and go outside. I basically just walked downtown with no idea in mind, but I saw this girl who looked lost and struck a conversation with her only to find out she was just as lost in this city as I was and we instantly clicked her name was “Opal Martinez” and we spent the rest of the day talking and sharing stories and what our goals are in this new city. Somewhere towards the end of that day we ran into a man named Drake Hunter. Me, Opal and Drake spent that night talking as if we just met up with a long time friend that we have not seen in years. The conversation led to me and Opal discussing how lost we were and had no idea what to do. That is when Drake mentioned ‘Los Santos Royals” Me and opal were instantly intrigued with the way Drake described this Family. Basically he described how this group operated by having multiple different “Sectors” and members were assigned to specific sectors based on what they were interested in doing. There is a ‘Business' sector, but the sector I was most intrigued with was the “Illegal” sector that basically entailed Robbing stores, Banks, Running labs, Chopping cars. Since that was what I was most used to. Once I told Drake that I was interested in the Illegal sector he that same day took Me and Opal with his group on a couple store runs to feel out the chemistry of the group, and it went smoothly if not perfect. We ended up hitting like 8-10 stores with little resistance and the chemistry with this group was flawless. It felt like I had known these guys for my whole life. With how successful the store runs went and how well we clicked with everyone right after the runs. We were in.





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Story Of Koda Villain

A lot has happened since the last time Koda posted, Koda and Royals did a lot together. Ran stores, hit MANY banks, Had a ton of shootouts and even ran labs together, But everything must always come to an end. Now you may be asking “What made or caused Koda to leave a group you seemed to love to be a part of?”. So I'm gonna get into a little bit of that and also tell you where Koda plans to go from here!


So just like every gang or group there will always be flaws. Not everyone can be 100 percent happy all the time with stuff like changes and different approaches to situations that may arise. With being in Royals since the very beginning I guess Koda was just not cut out for the many changes that needed to happen to get where they wanted to be. Same with new members that slowly trickled in some members Koda enjoyed and some he did not. It is just what it is sometimes you click with people and sometimes you just do not. Unfortunately for Koda though the people he did not click with and did not click with him would go on to be or already where High Command and he felt as though he was slowly being pushed out and excluded from things. He faced that as long as he could, before he realized It is just not the environment he wanted to put himself in and formally left on good terms.




Now where does he  plan to go from here? Frankly Koda did not know and he found himself aimlessly driving around the city and doing just freelance shit and running solo labs until he remembered there was a group of certain people he really enjoyed hearing about, So he set his eyes on possibly trying to find one of them and seeing what they are actually about. After that talk he found himself really questioning the possibility of joining said group. Now you might be asking “What group?” well the least likely group most people saw him taking an interest in was none other than the good old boys of Bridge Street BSB. So he rolled down and met Jay Valentino and Carl Dequarius and got to talking. You know the usual stuff of what he can bring to the table? What are his expectations for them, and would he lay down his life for the brotherhood. After the meeting he found himself getting into colors and hanging around with them.




He could tell just from the first interactions he had with some members that he is really gonna enjoy my stay here in the brotherhood and despite what most people say about BSB obviously do not take the time to speak to them on a level that he has. They ALL seem like very well rounded individuals and all share a common goal that they strive to achieve everyday. Once again like he thought he felt in Royals at the beginning, but it slowly dwindled. In BSB he feels like he is a part of a family and can be appreciated for what he says and brings to the table. Here is to the future in BSB <3!












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((Everyone has that one person they will remember forever because they impacted their RP in such a significant way at some point.))


Opal Villain/Bridge is Kodas rock/anchor and always has been since day one of arriving in this enormous city together. They have basically seen this city in every aspect and view for what it is together, and just like any other couple have some ups and downs but at the end of the day they are always there for each other no matter what. Koda will always ride or die for his wife and best friend to ensure she is happy and enjoying her time at any cost.














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Koda had awakened in the morning and began his daily routine, took a shower, brushed his teeth, grabbed a granola bar, sat down and turned on the tv. He flicked through a couple channels till he stumbled upon an interesting thing in the news. Los Santos was looking to receive a shipment of brand new never before seen vehicles. The vehicles ranged from military grade tech to basic muscle, but one vehicle that caught Koda's eye was the Patriot Mil-Spec a hummer variant with military grade tech such as bulletproof windows, massive off-road tires, a tow hook front bumper, and a huge ram bar on the front. Koda knew he HAD to have this beast of a machine, and so he set a plan in motion to reach out to his import friend and see if he could get first grabs on this monster.





He reached out to his contact and arranged a meetup. When he arrived the contact had unfortunate news “Sorry Koda, but this shipment is a private one and Los Santos is not looking to get a public shipment for another couple months, but I can get you info to still get your hands on one if you're looking to get a little dirty?” Koda thought about it for a second and decided he was in as this vehicle would be a solid vehicle to own for himself and all of his brothers in Bridge Street Brotherhood. This vehicle is too rare to pass up and he needed it NOW.




Koda then received a “dongle” from his contact with important info regarding the shipment like the name of the ship it was coming in on and where that ship would dock at and what time it would arrive. Koda waited for the ship to arrive at the dock and take some pictures for future purposes.






After taking the pictures he needed he headed to the main office of the port. He snuck inside the main office and plugged the dongle into the computer and began to hack and transfer all needed info to his phone.






After the data was transferred over Koda headed back to his apartment and began shuffling through the info and planning an idea. See Koda knew where the vehicle was being held and what container it was in, but he needed a set of keys that was located in the captains quarters of the SS Bulker. So after many hours of thinking there was only one thing he could do. Suit up and head face first and get the keys himself, and that is exactly what he planned to do.






He arrived at the docks in the dark of night and made his approach to the ship quietly. Night vision equipped he made it onto the ship without being seen (the easy part). Now he had to maneuver this massive ship and make his way to the captain's quarters undetected. Sneaking past guard after guard equipped with heavy weaponry and bullet proof vests. He had finally made it to the captain's quarters and searched for the keys. He found them conveniently on a hook close to the door. He grabbed them and made his way down. While on his way back he was being cornered by two guards that had not noticed him yet, but were about to, so Koda climbed a ladder in the middle and had to use his Plan B. He equipped his scuba tank and mask and began climbing the crane, once he reached the top he turned the tank on and leaped into the water and began swimming for safety.




Now that the hardest part of this whole operation was done he headed to the crates location with the vehicle in it. Once he arrived he stood for a second and smiled as he was excited to unveil this one of a kind vehicle. He then proceeded to bolt cut the door open and hop in the Patriot Mil-Spec, turn it on and drive it out.




He took the backroads to a stash house he had in the hills and parked the vehicle in a garage to lay low for a little bit before he decided to take it out. With a job well done he cracks open a bottle of wine to celebrate and sits on the couch to watch the news.



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𝓚𝓸𝓭𝓪 𝓥𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷

A couple of days had passed since the SS Bulker heist and Koda decided to lay low till things cooled down so he spent a couple days just cooped up in his apartment. After a couple days he realized he needed to head out and get caught up on what the boys in the Brotherhood had been doing in his absence and to get back to hanging with the crew. He threw on his fit and headed down the elevator and grabbed his Remus and started driving towards HQ. About four blocks he had realized an all black vehicle was tailing him at a distance so just to be sure he decided to take a couple odd turns and the black vehicle continued to follow. It was at this moment Koda knew he was for sure being followed. He decided to text Jay about it as he was being tailed. As he sent the text the black vehicle had smashed into his rear end causing him to spin out and barrel roll the car three times landing on its side against a pole. Disoriented and dazed he managed to climb out the broken windshield where he was met with the black vehicle coming to a screeching halt in front of him. Three all dark people in suits had jumped out holding carbine rifles and two of them had grabbed a dazed and disoriented Koda and threw him in the vehicle and began driving away from the scene. Koda had come to his senses a little later and headbutted one guy in an attempt to escape, but the other in the back seat had hit him over the head with the stock of the carbine knocking him unconscious. Who are these people? What do they want with Koda? And Where are they taking him?

All we know is the events that took place after this changed Koda forever and he was never the same guy he used to be.






To Be Continued.......

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Koda had awoken to find himself strapped to a chair in a location unfamiliar to him. When he opened his eyes, all he could see were three masked men in suits. “Who are you? Where am I”? No response from the men. Then a door opened to a man unmasked and talking on the phone, saying, “Yes, I got him at rendezvous point, Alpha”. He then hung up the phone and proceeded to grab a chair and sit across from the bound Koda. The man asks him “Who are you with?” to which Koda responds by spitting in the man's face. “So that is how it's gonna be huh” he then punches him in the face twice and Koda spits out the blood onto the floor, a small smile of satisfaction tugging at his lips. Koda endured relentless torture for what seemed like days, always asking the same questions. “Who are you with, who orchestrated the plan to steal the Mil-Spec”? Koda then asked “Who are you”? To which the man responded with “Your worst nightmare” He then gets up and walks out. Koda, with blood dripping from his face and head, catches a glimpse of what seems like a government-issued badge he has seen before. Koda assumes these guys are some sort of Law Enforcement and that Mil-Spec he stole was in fact a High Tech Military piece of equipment that someone high up is not too happy about.


Koda needed to get out of here alive to relay this information, so he starts to think of a possible escape. He was bound incredibly tightly to the chair…but whoever tied him up did not bother to worry about the chair itself. It is so old it is breaking at the legs, so Koda began his plan of action. Koda begins trash-talking one of the armed guards enough for him to come over and punch him. Koda then pretends to be knocked out. The man unmasked comes back and tells them, “We are prepped and ready for transfer, get him on the helicopter”. When the guards grab his arms, he springs to action, headbutting the guy to his left, breaks the leg of the chair, and begins to fight them while still bound. He eventually knocks both of them out and gets unbound and grabs one of their carbines and a radio and makes his way to the door. Upon opening the door he begins a small fire fight with about 5 more men. He then sees the helicopter with the unmasked man inside and begins firing at the pilot. The glass was bulletproof and the pilot took off in a hurry and disappears into the skyline.


Koda then took one of the guys' Bf400s, and begins heading down the mountain back to the city to relay this information to the boys in the Brotherhood. They may have some Government heat in places they did not expect thanks to Koda's antics at the dock. They might have to lay low for a bit and figure out a plan.

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Koda made his way to Bridge Street only to be stopped in his tracks as he saw they had blocked the entire road off and the police presence was heavy. He quickly pulled out his phone and began making phone calls. Chris - Nothing, Jay - Nothing, Harry - Nothing, Bruce - Nothing. Panicking, Koda could not understand what was happening, so he just headed back to his apartment to gather himself and think about things. He sat in his apartment for hours, trying to figure out what he could do to get answers to all his questions. No one was answering their phones and Koda was lost. He then figured out how he could gain the answers to his questions. With the help of a group deep in the city that goes by the name “The Underground,” he could get all the answers he needed. So he headed down to the depths of the city in search of this group so he could get the info he was after. 



He asked around if anyone had info on how to find or contact “The Underground,” to no avail. Turns out this group was superb at lying low and bringing no attention to themselves. Koda, after days of trying, decided to just cut his losses and move on as he would never find Underground. He headed back to his apartment, and as he exited the elevator and arrived at his door, he found it unlocked and slightly open. He entered with caution and.50 in hand. As he scanned the apartment, he found a female in a rat mask on his couch watching TV. With his gun pointed at this unknown female he asks “Who are you and how did you get in here” to which she responds with “Koda I heard you have been looking for'' “The Underground “''Yes” Koda responds with. “Well, I think I may help you with that. My name is Melody, the co-leader of “Underground”. She extends her hand and Koda holsters his gun in order to shake her hand. They sat down and had a long conversation with Koda, asking a ton of questions. Essentially, Melody clarified she could get Koda the answers he needs, but he would need to help her and her group with various assignments in the meantime while she gained this info.




Before Koda knew it, he was being shown HQ, what to wear, and how to act as an “Underground” member. Suddenly, he was a part of this group of criminal masterminds, determined to cripple the city from underneath. Now his first task was to go to jail on purpose to gain some information from an informant on the inside. Koda grabbed the keys to his hellfire and headed out to get put into DOC, and that was just what happened. He headed down Senora Freeway going 210 and caught the attention of a deputy running a speed trap on the east side. After evading for a short time to make sure It put him in DOC and not Mission Row, Koda pulled over and was arrested with no hesitation, guns drawn and cops screaming. He would spend about 2 years inside of DOC, but would leave with the information Melody needed. 




Once released, they gave him his next task, and that was to be a part of a bank robbery that they had been planning while they incarcerated him. He most definitely agreed, and Melody got everyone together and gave the rundown. After all that, they headed to the bank with their bikes and set up for this heist. Everything went according to plan and Underground got out with the money and started heading to the drop off point. The only issue was one member caught the attention of a local officer and was being chased with all hope most likely lost. Melody made the call to set up at ‘Vago's Den” and take the cops out. Everyone set up in the area and attempted to take out all the officers in questions, but to no avail. The police presence was just too heavy, and UG was outnumbered and outgunned. UG was injured and morale was low during the transition from Central to DOC, but not all was gone as some members made it out with a decent chunk, but not all.



While spending a good chunk of time in DOC, Koda and Melody talked a little about BSB as she had got some answers, but not a lot. Apparently PD has constructed a RICO case against BSB and it got the green light to be acted upon, and they raided Bridge Street. That is all Koda was given for now until she had more information to share.  Koda still had so many questions left unanswered and he would FIGHT to get the answers as to what happened to his Family and where they all went. Once released, Koda, Melody and the rest of UG got a ride back to Spanish and began talking about plans to cripple this city and show the true face of Los Santos.




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