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Labelling NCZ's

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This post is about making No Crime Zones more obvious to those who are either 

  • New to the Server
  • Ignorant of the Rules
  • Misinformed 

I've noticed a LOT that NCZ's are normally broken, you'd get stolen vehicles from the MD, People Shooting at the MD, (Its mainly the MD in MY case because I'm normally there.)
I feel "criminals" think that they see nice cars in a car park and can easily steal them. Obviously NCZ's SHOULD prevent that but unfortunately the chances of a staff member coming up to a guy commiting a crime in an NCZ are slim and when they show up from a report the crime would've already taken place and the player would've dipped.

I think that labelling NCZ's with a text sign will cut the crime in NCZ's because players will be worried they could be 

  • Caught
  • Being Watched
  • Doing Wrong

Whereas normally now they wouldn't. I think this would be an easy fix for little effort. Text could be similar to the text at the DMV or at Mors Mutual It would be effective if placed in the busiest part of the NCZ area.

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+1 I would like to see this, when you enter a NCZ a popup comes up at the top of the screen, like the new animation list. and says "This is a No-Crime Zone, You may not commit any crimes whilst in this area" When they leave this messages disappears.

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