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MD BUG: Cant move after /stabilize as a medic.

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Date and time (provide timezone):  19-07-2018, 13:26 CEST as I make this report. but the bug is here since the latest server update: [2.1.3] [2018-07-19] ECLIPSE Roleplay

Character name: Freyja Hrolfr

Issue/bug you are reporting: After I stabilize downed patients on my medic job. I cant move. untill I jump into the air. I never had this problem since the latest update. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicatehttps://plays.tv/s/Lp0q-6YPKSQ3 I can post it from alot of patient. I just picked one randomly. After you stabilize someone. you cant move untill the entire animation is done. but even if its done. and I wait 2 minutes. I still cannot move untill I jump into a direction. witch looks rather dull.

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