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Dynamic Doors

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Something to add more immersion and RolePlay support to those who really want to generate and carry it out. Basically something a Dev/HA can place which would allow players to enter an interior that is used from story mode. It would yield the ability for a player to have an RP bar, RP business, HQ, Warehouse and hangout to call their own. The list is endless with what players can come up with. They will be used for player on player interaction and possibly as a place of storage for items with a stash spot. Which could then be used for farther RP.

Players will have to make a administrator request on the forums which will then be reviewed depending on if the Dynamic Door (DD) location is RP or not and if the interior they've chosen is RPly correct for the building they've chosen.  Then, a player who is already VIP will be able to purchase 2-3k credits and purchase to door from the shop. An admin can then place the door at the agreed location, which will lead to another virtual world and the interior of choice.



I have a motorcycle club and I'd like to place a door on a building that I'd like to RP as my headquarters and hangout, an admin can place a Dynamic Door and name it "The Lost MC hangout" which, when entered would lead to the multiplayer expansion interior that is used for motorcycle clubs. I can then use this for RolePlay with my faction and others. The admin can place where players will enter the DD whilst being inside of it. Incase I wanted two enter/exit points. One being at the front door/bar area of the interior and one being at the garage portion of the interior. Although vehicles may be difficult to sync inside of the interiors, the second entrance could be for members to bring their motorcycle into the garage portion of the clubhouse interior.


By doing this, it will attach the players more to the server, other than just driving around all day, slaving at their scripted faction and shooting eachother. I'd like to improve the atmosphere which improves and generates RP and player interaction. While still making the server income, by donations. 


Examples gained from my previous SAMP experiences.

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