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Money duplication when selling vehicles at dealerships

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Date and time (provide timezone):  12:00 UTC +1
Character name:  Marco_Davis
Issue/bug you are reporting:  So I sold a Dominator GTX on Sunday, I collected the money straight after the sale from the dealership into my bank. On Monday I went to check my dealership to see if any of my vehicles in stock have sold. I had not sold another Dominator GTX since the last one, when I checked my dealership though there was 337,000 in there which could not be from the stock vehicles and was the same amount I got for the dominator. I withdrew the money thinking that I must have forgotten to the day before and the money went into my bank as normal when withdrawing money from a dealership. Then today I went to check my dealership once more, when I checked once again I had 337,000 in the dealership. At this point I realized that it's a bug and it's happened twice now. I now have 337k extra in my bank that I shouldn't have as well as 337,000 in my dealership funds that should not be there and I will not withdraw this money as I now know it is a bug. 
Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:

I don't have much evidence as I didn't think it was a bug at first but I had $4Million in my bank after the initial sale which is what I should have, now I have 4.3 million as well as 337,000 in my dealership.

To replicate I guess sell a vehicle and then take the money, then go back after a set period of time (I went the next morning when this happened) and you should have the money there again in the dealership.

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