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[2.1.2] [2018-07-03] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.2

  • Fixed VoIP fragments
  • Police now can also stabilize and bring players to hospital if there is no medics on duty
  • Fixed an UI glitch, where vehicle HUD remains after chop shopping a vehicle
  • Fixed a faction glitch, where it's impossible to add any new weapons or vehicles
  • Reduced roleplay text application length requirement, because whitespace characters are not counted anymore
  • Made projectionGUI not selectable by mouse
  • Fixed chat fadeout
  • Removed doors at  the cave entrance
  • Fixed animation stopping of remote player
  • Improvements to roleplay quiz code, players now will receive email notifications when quiz application status changes
  • Removed the need of going to panel.eclipse-rp.net to verify account, server will now automatically send email
  • Account name now can only contain letters and numbers
  • Added restrictions to /mug (you cant rob players with less than 1000xp)
  • Increased death timer by ~25%
  • /afrisk now shows inventory.
  • Fixed /frisk command
  • Added bald haircuts to barber
  • Inventory system improvements
  • Player will do /ame after taking item from other inventory
  • Added quiz app date calculation for admins
  • Fixed server crashes caused by incorrect input
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