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Illegal jobs

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A trucker type mission where u deliver drugs, takes cash upfront but has a big payout say buy a kilo of coke for $5000 and drop off to 5 destinations each paying 1350 or something. Would also be nice to have a blue collar crime such as money laundering or underground gambling ring with bookies

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-1 The best thing that could be introduced soon and FOR NOW is a Cannabis effect. By the way, all the other drugs exist IG, some criminal factions gained the 'powers' to import them. My advice would be for you to try to interact with players and just ask around... see how things go - the ideal idea of this RP community is simulating a realistic world, where you'd pretend to be a certain character.

I see so many people just joining, getting on the grind for nice things and just doing the most random things like - still mentioning drugs - going on a marijuana plantation marked on the GPS (wtf devs pl0x please lets get over the 'testing') with a postal van after meanwhile RP ing some innocent 'I m applying to be a cop soon'.

Just saying there are nicer things to add in first :D

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