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Pistol Pete

Status of vehicles within panel

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Got a little suggestion to make the panel more useful. On the section where your vehicles are listed it would be useful to show the status of your vehicles.

I got this idea when my car got chop shopped but I had no idea what happened to it initially. I guess it would mean another field with the name as something like "Status" and if the car was taken to the chop shop the value would be "Chopped". In addition and specific to events that cause a vehicle to be unavailable for a duration of time such as a visit to the chop shop, you should be able to see how long exactly until the vehicle is available at the insurers. 

Interested to know if people like this suggestion or if it's a bad one :)

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As of the data of posting you are able to see the health of your vehicles on the panel. There is also a wait time after collecting the vehicle after it has been chopped.

Being able to see weather or not your vehicles has been chopped with stay purely within the game.


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