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Bait Car

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My idea is for PD to get a bair car system. Basically a officer would park a car and leave it unlocked once someone entered it and started the engine an alert would be send to the officer's phone.

at that point the officer would get a few commands /Lockdoor to lock in the car thief, /Shutoff to turn off engine.

to help balance for the thief once /lockdoor should have a 20 second timer and /shutoff should have the option for car thief to use uparrow to force start with a chance of success say 1/10.

Also the car should have some limitations such as once past a certain distance from original location the officer commands no longer work (out of signal range) 

lastly if the thief manages to get away with car and to chopshop then the payout should be enhanced (think of all that expensive equipment and electronics needed to make the bait car work)

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