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Criminal Factions

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Hello members of Eclipse!


I’d like to input my opinions on new Criminal Factions, how it would benefit Criminal RP and more.


To begin off with, criminal factions should be separated to two types - Unofficial and Official. An Unofficial Criminal Faction is a faction that is newly created, building up a gang etc. Once they have gained members, and are RPing properly and following server rules as well as setting a good example, they have the chance to become an Official Criminal Faction. This means that they would be able to take turfs, participate in gang wars and start selling contraband. 


My perspective on how they should treat their turfs:

I believe all Official Factions with a turf should mainly be at their turfs, protecting it and making it a location where players can interact with them and purchase contraband. They should be limited to two turfs — this allows other factions to get their hands on turfs and not just let one faction have control over every turf.


Visualization of how Grove members are around their turf.

How Official Factions should treat other gangs:

Currently, we got two big gangs allied up and having a huge total sum of criminals allied together. This kills the RP experience for new factions, because they are heavily outnumbered. If the new types get brought in, official factions should usually not be able to become allies, instead just having an agreement to not take hostile actions against each other.


Below are the permissions/privileges for Unofficial Criminal Factions and Official ones.


Unofficial Criminal Faction:

  • Have their member count limited to a certain number
  • Are not able to take turfs
  • Are considered a “new gang”, meaning they should start to build up their faction and gain reputation in town and RPing a certain “style” for the faction
  • Do not have access to warehouses (Have to RP with other Official Factions to gain access to weaponry, drugs etc. until they are considered Official)
  • Have to prove themselves worthy for the Official title by following all server rules

Official Criminal Faction:

  • Have full access to take turfs, access warehouses etc.
  • Have to follow server rules at all times, or else may get their official tag revoked
  • Unlimited member count
  • Start turf wars/gang wars



If this system gets implemented, Criminal RP quality will rise in my opinion. Gangs will start to value their turfs as well as build up a lore and follow server rules, meaning the RP will be more enjoyable

I am open to any feedback on this suggestion, as everyone will have different opinions regarding this matter etc., and may have a different vision on this.


Thanks for taking the time to read this through.

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