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The Sons Of Chaos MC

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The Son's Of Chaos Motorcycle Club was founded by Travis White in a small roadside bar in Oregon along with 2 other friends, Mark Watterson and Jeffrey Van Der Reem. They all came together to form a Club which expressed their love for Freedom, Firearms and a whole lot of Motorcycles. People often described the Trio as a having a ''Family-Like Relationship'' where they would always have each other's backs through thick and thin. Travis and Mark grew up together in the same neighborhood and met Jeffrey during their teenage years at a Motorcycle meet-up where people would come along to show off their mechanical alterations of their once stock, basic Motorcycle.

They began to recruit members each week and their Club grew into an unstoppable force which ruled the streets of Oregon. They began to expand into a ''1%er" which was a common term for a group of Outlaw Motorcycle Riders, taking a strong hold on the movement of drugs and weapons within their territory. A rival club named "The lost and Damned" from a nearby city began to slowly infect Oregon and tamper with the SOC's Business, stealing weapons and drugs, killing members and slowly but surely breaking down the SOC. A brutal gang war has begun.

Months had past and the Son's Of chaos MC were on the back foot. Few members were left and the only founder left was Travis White. They decided to pack up and abandon their hometown of Oregon before the Club and their lively hood was killed off for good. Travis White took the lead and rode with few members to Los Santos to build the Club back up again.     




Looking To Join? Easy. Our Head Quarter's is located north of the map at The Yellow Jack Inn. Contact the President at "3018726".

Or contact the VP "5008976".





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