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House boundaries are not correct.

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Date and time (provide timezone): 22:04 GMT +1

Character name: Umbra Smith

Issue/bug you are reporting: Coded house boundaries aren't correct to the physical house boundaries

Expected behavior: I would be able to place objects all around the inside boundaries and walls of my garden.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 

Try placing an object onto the ground of North Rockford Dr .15







Vehicle license plate number*: n/a

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House boundaries are based on a radius from the front door. 

In order for houses to have custom boundaries for their properties, somebody would need to go and map the boundaries and coordinates of every single property within the game. As a result of this some houses build permissions won't extend to the entire property due to it having a large yard extended beyond the scripted build radius.

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@Umbra_Smith hello, as Aieos had explained, the house boundaries are simply a global radius from the front door. Some houses will have larger boundaries than they should and some will have smaller ones, however, that's just the limitation of the current algorithm and it's not considered to be a bug as the script is working as intended. To make custom boundaries for each home, we'd need to update the system and manually assign the boundaries for each home on the map.

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