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Clevice Dixon

Legal Form of Racing - NASCAR and Amateur races

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This might not be the exact correct spot for this, but I think its a good place to start the conversation.  Racing, we all know that certain factions like to hold illegal street races in Los Santos, but I think it would be cool to utilize the arena for some legal racing.  I have been talking about this with some friends and while we concede that we do not have everything flushed out we do have some ideas that could help develop a really cool legal racing system.

  1. Create a faction that runs legal races at the arena, or maybe the airport run ways.
    1. Maybe also use the dirt bike track (separate motocross faction?)
    2. Use the race system that GTA has so racers need to hit the checkpoints and complete the race
      1. Maybe allow faction members a few different layouts and things for amateur races
      2. Weekly race would be more like a NASCAR race with a oval track
  2. This faction could have jobs such as the following
    1. Ticket Seller - Similar to toll booth but people could buy tickets/gain entry into the arena to watch races
    2. Mobile Billboard Driver - Probably similar to bus routes but could have some things added into it.
    3. Race Coordinator - Launches Amateur races
    4. Race Car Drivers - Actually perform races weekly (maybe on like Sundays or something)
      1. Businesses could sponsor race drivers to get their logo on the car of that racer (could change weekly or maybe not even sponsor every week)
      2. Maybe businesses could employ a racer to join the weekly race every week
        1. Could be a source on revenue for the race faction to have racers/sponsors pay racer's entry into race each week
    5. Pit Crew workers - People to fix cars and refuel cars in the pit
      1. Maybe racer team could supply their own pit crew
  3. Amateur races could be launched at any time a race coordinator is on duty and the required number of racers show up to race
    1. Maybe like a queue to wait for races
    2. Race Coordinator would choose race types and enter racers into races
    3. Races could include car restrictions like compact cars only or muscle cars (basically just the different categories of car that already exist)
    4. Racers would supply their own cars and the Arena could potentially employ (or set up a deal with an existing mechanic shop) to have mechanics on site in case of a crash
  4. Betting on weekly races (maybe amateur ones too?)

I realize this is a ton of information, I more or less wanted to get it all written down someplace so that it doesn't just exist in my head.  I just think its a little crazy to have street races be illegal and have no real legal outlet for that.  I could be ok with either Amateur races or professional races or both.  Just would like to see something like this added, and the arena seems like a perfect place to do it, or have races at the airport runways, or maybe some other location I don't even know about.

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You're able to conduct races legally if you go through the right departments ICly. I've been with VTD before and we've closed off parts of less used roads for races before. You just need to know who to ask, I suggest going down to mission row. I understand that you want script support for it but you should give my suggestion a go.

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As mentioned above, PD has policies in place to assist folks with setting up races and events. No one takes advantage of it, thus no one gets legal races. We use to close down parts of the city for a few hours every weekend for a couple different groups a while back. 


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