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Phil McGee

Back Street Doctors

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I suppose this would need the drag command to work but I shall put it out there in the hope that it will be added back in. 


So if your friend is downed and you cant bring them to MD due to them being wanted or the nature of the wounds you call up a number and are given the location of a back street doctor in your area which would be indicated by a marker on the map. This locations would change with each call you make to avoid camping at these areas. 

You would then have to drag your downed friend via foot or car depending on where the marker is located in x amount of time before the person bleeds out. You then have to pay quite a high fee to receive the treatment and considering it would not be the same standard of medical treatment in a hospital you roll the dice to see if you die or not as its not guaranteed they can save your life like the MD. 



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