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The Gancy Crew

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The Gancy Crew is an international crime based crew which provides crimes like protection rackets, smuggling,drug trafficking and things that people can't provide a good business future for, Mostly they do crime activities in order to showoff their hobbies chiefly hosting illegal street races , illegal hunting, drug parties , illegal gambling and ...


Arash Mer was born in japan at 5 April 1996, but raised in Europe. In 2010 he started working as a trainee in a mechanic workshop located in Italy, but after a few months his co-workers started to argue with the owner of the mechanics workshop and left the place. Arash joined them because he had the same problems too. Lack of payment and financial problems were their greatest reasons. He and his co-workers were thinking about a business which could provide a good income in a short period of time thus they have started robbing people with knifes during nights. It was a good, but risky deal for them. After that they have started to smuggle fake smart phones which were new released at those times. After a while they met an Italian crime syndicate member who taught them how they can manufacture drugs and gave them some marijuana seeds for high price. After all they have started to sell weeds and spend their life with drug money.

Getting into the syndicate

After a while doing drug stuff, Arash and his friends gained more respect for themselves. He tried to join the Ndrangheta syndicate, but his friends believed that their current position is enough and they don't need to join syndicates and stuff, but Arash didn't listen to them and joined the organization. The syndicate members taught Arash how to manufacture other drugs like math, cocaine, heroin, LSD and a better quality marijuana, they had also a section related to selling drugs thus there was no need to take the risk and sell in the streets. Everything was going good until police arrested most of the members of the syndicate and those members gave out information about names and locations of the syndicate so the syndicate collapsed in 2014 and Arash escaped to Germany with a fake identity.

Every finish line is the beginning of a new race

After Arash's escape to Germany. He realized that his bank accounts has been blocked and he no longer have access to his bank accounts. He was all alone with no money in Germany until he found Henry Dominic. Henry had his own criminal crew, but without lots of power. Arash didn't trust Henry in the first stages, but after a while he started to know him better. He told him about his past and how he made lots of money after that Henry discussed this subject with his friends and convinced them all to take the risk and start to work again. They have started with weeds first, but after 2 weeks they got hold of a lab so they started to make big profits. Things were going well and they were spending their money on parties, guns and cars, but after a while they have realized, If they want their dreams become truth. They have to go to the gangsters paradise America!

The American Dream

They couldn't leave Europe in the same time and this could become their greatest mistake. This would increase the chance getting caught and getting behind the bars. They made a plan about when and how they gonna leave the Europe and each member had to take a different flight from different country to Los Santos city. They couldn't interact with each other in us for few months until everyone reach the Los Santos. Arash took the flight first and when he arrived to Los Santos, He decided not to involve in any crimes until he regather with his trusted friends again. He started working for Los Santos Customs, Also Henry started to work in legal organizations first, but after a while he joined one of the most famous Asian gangs in Los Santos, ((FSO)).


Currently, The Gancy Crew is in early developments stage, Crew members are getting used to how businesses operate in Los Santos and how they can increase their power, unlike Europe things are different in Los Santos and more numbers mean more power in streets thus The Gancy Crew members are trying to get familiar with more people and organizations in Los Santos and because of the Henry's recent activities in Los Santos, They know some people who they can trust and develop a close relationship with.



Boss is head of the Crew, responsible for all incomes and outcomes of the Crew, also known as Warlord.


Underboss is the right-hand man to Boss, they are in charge of negotiating and discussing business with other criminal organizations if needed, they are also in charge of leading operations in person.


Advisor is the right-hand man to Underboss, Their task is to gather information needed for Crew operations, analyzing it, and inform Underboss and Boss about the dangers coming each, they also are in charge of the Crew's recruitment system and gathering and analyzing information about new members.


Warchief is the left-hand man to Underboss, they proved themselves as true Cartel members by time and also they are able to take the leadership of situations when there is no Underboss to lead members, they also trained with gunfight tactics and knows how to use heavy weaponries.


OG are those member who have proven themselves as true members of the crew and as an older generation of crew members, they must pass their knowledge to new members of the crew and informing them about both dangers and benefits of each operations.


GC-12 are the assassins of the Cartel, they are trained with all kind of heavy weapons including AR's, High caliber weapons, and submachine guns, they are also in charge of taking care of a small group of members in operations and defending the Crew's interests against rivals or police with weapons in any cost.


Trig are right-hand mans to GC-12s, helping them in gunfights, preventing new members from getting caught by police or other rival criminal organizations they should be good in chase and driving skills.


Dexter is the new generation of trusted members of the Crew, they are in charge of protecting the Crew's interests by guarding mid-size stashes and turfs around the Los Santos, they are also trained with smaller weapons like Uzis and Pistols.


Sepoy are the first trusted rank who can get phone numbers for easier connection to other high ranks like GC-12s and OG's and also trained to make variations of drugs and also trained to use pistols and melee weapons.


Tyro is a mid-trusted member who can use Crews symbols to identify themselves, they are there to drive members or high ranks to where they want to be, they may be trained to use melee weapons and firearms like heavy pistol or Pistol 50 and they also should be good drivers.


Must have 25000 xp with one of their characters.

Must be familiar and understand the server rules.

Must have proper IC reason or reasons for joining the crew and help us in order to develop the lore realistically.

Showcase and exhibit high quality RP at all times (whether you are winning or losing a situation)

Roleplay your characters lore, story, and background appropriately at all times.

Hold a good standing on the server. (short/clean logs OR explain what you have learned from your logs to show you have grown as a player)

NO toxicity, report baiting, or rule playing are allowed from any member.


Chapter 1

       Regathering The Crew

       Officialy In The Streets

       Drug Trafficking : First Attempt


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                                                                                                 Regathering the Crew
Henry took out his phone and called his friend Arash, Arash answered his phone and asked for Henry's location. Los Santos air port, Henry answered. He came back to Los Santos after 2 months, but he was back with money this time and wanted to create his own criminal crew with his friend Arash. Also this time Henry was looking for more trusted friends in order to improve the crew. Henry and Arash had lots of plans, but they didn't have enough people to trust specially after Henry left FSO and most of his old friends left the town. Henry decided to join Russian Mob once again cause he needed more connections for achieving their goals. During his activities in russian mob he saw lots of his old friends, foes and randoms until he saw some old FSO members hanging around with Irishs and he remembered old times with his FSO friends. He really missed those times thus he decided to create his own crew with his friend Arash. Henry believed in himself and Arash and they did know that they can become successful in their way by the time. Arsh told Henry about connection that he made in Irish and how they can improve their crew with cooperating with Irish and Henry accepted to cooperate with Irishs.

Henry and Arash regathered the high commands near HQ for an urgent meeting and they have discussed their cooperation with Irishs. Everyone accepted to start their businesses with Irishs and other gangs thus Gancy crew started his actions officialy in the streets!




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Officially In The Streets

Henry drove his hellfire into the meeting's location. When he reached there checked everywhere for making sure that the location is safe. After he made sure everything is well, He parked his car at the location and took out one of his cigarettes and started to smoke. At the same time Arash was preparing himself and other members for the meeting. He messaged to the other members and notified them about the meeting that they are gonna have. Arash rolled inside the meeting location with his paragon and signaled Henry with turning his lights off and on. Henry waved his hand for Arash and then Arash came in, parked his car inside the parking. Arash came out from his car and approached Henry. Hey man how you doing ? Henry said. Everything is good where is everyone ? Arash answered. Henry tossed his cigarette then glanced at Arash. Two cars rolled inside and parked  inside. Jacob and Jahese came out from their cars and said hello to others. Henry offered cigarettes to everyone, but everyone refused then again he put his cigarettes box in his car again and took his gun from the trunk of his car. Bro no need for that Arash whispered to Henry. Henry didn't said anything and joined the others with his gun on his back. After greetings Arash told everyone to make a circle and start meeting instantly. 


 Arash discussed important things about gang's future during the meeting. Everything was going well until Henry heard a paragon R car sound approaching to the meeting's location. Who the fuck is that guy ? Henry said quietly. No one knew who was that guy until he went near them. Henry Approached his hand to his gun and was ready to demand the driver to leave, but suddenly he approached them with his car and said hello to everyone. Mask off please Arash said. The guy took his mask off. Who are you guys ? driver said. We are a brand new crew in the town operating around here, The gancy crew, Arash said. Nice to meet you guys any way I am Harley and I am with Rooks, driver said. Arash started to talk with Harley and discussed some important stuff about operating around some specific locations with him. Harley also treat them well and they both started to know each other better. At last Harley said goodbye to all and left the location then Henry and Arash started to discuss more important things like clothes issue and car colors and introducing the members until the meeting ended. Most of the problems got solved after that meeting and Gancy crew was getting better better day by day. They are now officially in the streets.

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Drug Trafficking : First Attempt

Arash called and invited 4 members of the crew for the meeting. After they all showed up in the meeting Arash started to talk about why they should have this meeting, he said He needs help with gathering supplies from public drug labs in order to expand his own drug lab. he also added: because he knows some organizations who may help them in smuggling this white gold to somewhere out of Los Santos and they pay well. Arash said He actually needs 3 people for gathering plants and supplying us Samuel take a step forward and said He can supply them. Arash said Ok and told them the job begins from tomorrow.
After some days of work they manage to get lots of drugs and sold it all to Russian mob. A day Samuel called Arash and told him that he got robbed in chiliad and they took all of the plants so Arash, Edward and Jacob all hopped into their cars and drove to there, when they arrived there they saw a super sport car both had clown masks on and hopped off their cars and told Edward to get off his bike with his hands up then aimed their guns at him, Arash and Jacob hopped off their car and started shooting them they both got hit in chest and arm without chance to shoot back they fell on the ground, Arash and Jacob runs to them with guns in their hands, when they arrived on clowns bodies Arash took off the mask of one of them for the hope that he knows him but he didn't the clown wasn't breathing, Arash puts the mask in his pocket since he had touched the mask with bare hands and could have his fingerprints on it and kicked the gun away from the guy and ran away.
A few days later when Arash was manufacturing drugs in his apartment water splashes over the place and fire spreads on the walls, Arash quickly realize the danger and ran away from the apartment. When he reached to his garage he heard the explode sound so he quickly went to his main house and changed his clothes there and hided there for few days so police couldn't track him.
in that few days after explosion he called members and asked them about the news and they responded : Members having problems using the dress code, there is lot of people using the same mask and no one remembers them with this pair of clothes and they should always explain other gangs that who they roll with, so Arash started thinking, he went to the closet and looks at his clothes with hope of finding a better dress code for the gang, and then he found the mask in one of his clothes, the mask had a brown and yellow theme combined, he realizes the color yellow and golden yellow is the best options, he knew that Kudo Kai is no more around and they can easily use yellow to introduce themselves to the Americans so he called others and told them to stop wearing that mask we will use yellow dress code from now on.

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