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Tri-State Mafia

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Prior to being known as the Tri-State Mafia, the Deadwood Magnificents were founded in a little apartment on Deadwood Street in the South Slopes of Liberty City by a man named Don Magnificent. Throughout Don’s life he was considered a man who was well known and influential to all of those around him. At the start of it all, Don and his closest allies provided protection to small businesses from thugs and smaller gangs, before eventually organizing themselves into a proper family that locals paid to provide assistance and protection from large gangs around the city. As the reputation of the Magnificent family grew, two other crime families that were located in major cities within Pennsylvania and Connecticut began conducting business with the Deadwood Magnificents until a close bond was formed.



Law enforcement began putting significant pressure on gangs throughout the Tri-State area to the point where business began to take a hit, rumours started to circulate that the Magnificents and their allies were going to be snuffed out when Don Magnificent convinced the three crime families in the Tri-State area to merge into what is known today as the Tri-State Mafia. A democracy between the three families was formed and business re-emerged stronger than ever as guns were trafficked throughout North America. Recruitment picked up speed and business became more violent with time.



Just as Don Magnificent and his allies felt that they were unstoppable, rival gangs throughout the region declared war on the Tri-State Mafia; pressure was on and business started to become more ruthless than ever before. This ruthlessness and bloodshed caused the Liberty City government and the FIB to once again conduct thorough investigations into the Tri-State Mafia and began to halt business routes and track them back to two of the founders within the Mafia- they were killed by the FIB. Don was the only founder left. The Tri-State Mafia started to break apart and several members were given orders to flee to various parts of the country and start anew. After all - as a large family, Don Magnificent did not want to see anymore of his brothers and sisters locked in prison for life or be brought to an early grave.



As the Tri-State Mafia began to divide and flee across the country, business was stolen back by rival gangs. The Tri-State Mafia was effectively neutralized. Nobody knows exactly what happened to Don Magnificent in the end, but it is known that he was last seen within his mansion just hours before the FIB raided it. The news of this raid was never released to the public, but it is said that Don Magnificent must have went out like Tony Montana or ended up escaping to another country.



Ronny Burger, Jack Sten, and Tyler Sanders - former Tri-State members, reunite by chance within the city of Los Santos…







Those who were involved in the remaking of the Tri-State Mafia in Los Santos, receives information from Street Bosses and is responsible for all final decisions.



Responsible for overseeing day to day operations. Leads groups of members in criminal operations. Reports gang activity to The Council. Bears the Golden Chain.



The most trusted members of the Tri-State Mafia. Heavily involved in day to day operations. Trusted with information provided by The Council. Bears the Silver Chain.



As a recognized member of the Tri-State Mafia, a Soldier’s primary duty is to establish presence in gang territory and to assist in day to day operations. These members rep purple colors honorably, uphold values and gang rules, and report to Chain Holders.



Soldier in training. These recruits stay within the inner circle of the Tri-State Mafia and do not associate themselves with other gangs or members of government. Able to assist with small tasks, but not gang activity.





1. Gain and maintain a neutral presence within the city.

2. Start and oversee various businesses within the city, including loan agencies, night clubs and real estate.

3. Increase firearm distribution and sales within the city.

4. Claim gang territories.






Any disrespect in /b or PMs will not be tolerated.


Your characters RP should be enjoyable to others within the city. 


While warnings and minor infractions can be tolerated anything severe will result in your removal from the gang.








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Journal entry #1 6/26/2021


Don, where should I start...


      Here we sit with an invisible crown. I’ve done a lot of thinking over these past few weeks and all I can say is that the rebuilding of your empire will be a long but certain path. We have changed from how we used to be. Our ideals today stand strong, and although they differ from yours, I assure you that Tri-State is ever abiding. 


     We in Tri-State continue to take our time. We only show them the parts of us we want them to see and it has worked to our advantage. People see us at the pier, so we see a stable supply line and customer base. Business is growing, and I have had the pleasure of watching members of the family grow and prosper financially. I feel blessed to see it happen. We’ve had people come to us saying they’re surprised to see us still around because they don’t understand the core values it takes to have such remarkable people stick around.


     While we’ve been having a lot of fun in between all of the business, crucial decisions are having to be made for the good of Tri-State. These decisions weigh heavily on my shoulders but thankfully I don’t make them alone. Each of us shares a say in the direction of the group, and although they differ, respect is handed down to every last member and their opinion is weighed as equal as our own in the council.


     Your family tree was that of a strong oak, Don. Your leaves burned crimson and fell, but Spring is here. Bring us rain from above and watch our leaves grow.


       - J.S.


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