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Unable to enter house/open House UI/Lock House

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Date and time (provide timezone): Universal

Character name: Miguel_Raza

Issue/bug you are reporting: I've recently bought a house in Rancho. However I'm not able to do the following actions.

Lock/Unlock house - Access House UI - Enter house (After putting up residence for sale & retrieved, I am able to enter/leave)

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I've found this house one of the only ones for sale .. So perhaps it's a bug from the building itself? No more information I know of that I can provide .. 


Thank you for your action.

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Hello @Mika_Roza and thank you for your bug report!

Could you please elaborate more on what is bugged here or check if you are still experiencing the bug? I, myself have been able to do all of these things that you mentioned did not work. I would recommend uploading a video that highlights the bug(s).

EDIT: In the topic below, Mika has fixed the bug for himself.


This bug report will be closed and followed up in the topic below.


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