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Admins should be required to inform every party when RP is paused

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Problem: I'm not sure if it's an implemented rule or not, but I think it should be common knowledge that when an admin pauses RP they should inform all parties when it's been paused and when it's been resumed. Today we were involved in an RP that got paused, however half the players were unaware that it was paused leading to people being shot at and downed when it's supposed to be paused.


In that video you can see that a cop rolls into a paused RP situation and puts people at very low HP, this is not the cops fault because he didn't know it was paused. You can see how this can be a problem, if only some people know rp is paused, players can down others, or kill them and gain an advantage, like our group did when we didn't know it was paused.

Solution: Admins should inform all parties related to the RP that the rp has been paused, and resumed.


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