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Confirmation before purchasing from dealerships

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My suggestion is adding a warning, pop up that would tell you you're about to buy a "vehicle" for "$$$$". 

As it is right now, buying a vehicle off of the vehicle market gives you security that you won't make a mistake in purchasing something you don't want as you have to type in the "/buyvehicle" command. 
Buying from the dealership, however, gives you no warning, and since admins can't issue you a refund because of a genuine misclick, you end up losing $485K on a car you had no interest in ever buying, but was curious how it even looks looking at the name of it.

Just a simple example of how it would look like: "You are about to purchase Paragon R for $720,000 - to confirm type /buyveh" or something like that.
If you're not willing to issue people refunds for honest mistakes they make like misclicking "buy" instead of "view", at least give them the ability to make sure they're not spending money it took them 30+ hours to get on something they genuinely don't want.

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