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Steve R Jones

Truck Job Adjustment

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I'm probably not the only one who is frustrated, and this has probably been suggested before. But the loading/unloading time for trucks is simply ridiculous. 34 minutes to load 200,000 units, and another 34 minutes to unload after driving to the destination. For $4000....


If you get disconnected within this time, it's not very nice, and not very fair. The timer should automatically increase for each 10,000 units. 100 units per second up to the first 10k, then 200 units per second for 20,000 units, 300 units per second for 30,000 units and so on and so forth. It took over an hour to do 1 short deliver to Sandy Shores, for $4000.

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+1. I struggle to find any point in doing this job in its current state, I wasted many hours testing all types of deliveries and never made a good amount per hour nor did I enjoy waiting so long to unload the units. The income vs time spent doing this job makes this job pointless personally. 

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So the way it works for trucks is that its 10 times the number of items. So for gas if you order 20k letter truckers bring 200k. 


Thats the only place i would say it would be right for it to use the actual amount and not the inflated number. 

What store owners charge is an ic issue as stated above.

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On 4/5/2021 at 4:54 PM, Steve R Jones said:

I didn't realise they could pay what they wanted. I would have thought the price was fixed depending on how much you ordered.

In my opinion it should be $200 minimum just like a cab. It is nearly $3000 to ride a cab to paleto from low end. Yet in the truck we are 1k to paleto and back for like 65% of trips. If you own the semi you should also get a FSC(fuel surcharge) or better mpg as It takes nearly $300 in fuel and a $300  toll.  So 15km  $400?  Their is literally better paying loads In real life let alone this inflated economy. I can buy a burger at some of the stores for this 10-15 minute trip.

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