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Ability for players to find junk items in dumpsters

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Hi guys 

All around San Andreas there are dumpsters and what if you could be able to search what is inside of them and possibly find something worth some money. Prices would vary between $75 to $350 depending on what kind of item you find. But not every single dumpster you search will have junk items in it. So you might search five dumpsters and find nothing on it and then get lucky on the sixth dumpster and find up to 2 junk items. Each search should take at least a minute. After you collect some stuff from the dumpsters you can now go to an Npc who buys junk items of you (very much like a pawnshop).

Junk items you could find in dumpsters. For example: 

  • An old watch - $80
  • Small action figure - $93
  • Silver necklaces - $285
  • Wedding rings - $262
  • Ear buds - $350
  • Mp3 players - $75
  • Broken car radios - $77
  • Old tv - $230
  • Wires - $75
  • Old coins - $120
  • Old phones - $100

Ye it seems unrealistic to go around the city diving into dumpsters and looking for junk items like a homeless person but maybe it be possible if you could only be able to search them dumpsters at certain locations where people aren't usually around for example:

  •  alley at the back of the buildings
  • The homeless shelter beneath the bridge near Simeone car dealership
  • Junkyards





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