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Internal Affairs

The Savages strive to provide the best best shared story telling experience to those we play with day in day out. 

As such, we've decided to set up our own internal affairs department within the organisation that can effectively manage our members and ensure that our conduct in game and out of game is to the highest standards.


Reporting a Savage

If you wish to report a player of the Savage Faction for in game or out of game behavior to our Internal affairs department for any reason please feel free to detail the issue within the form below. 

We promise to ensure the complete confidentiality of this report and protect your identity from others (including those outside the IA department,) You will remain ANONYMOUS. 
We merely want to make sure that all of the members of our faction maintain the standards that are necessary to be within the gang.  
After the report has been processed we will contact you through discord and discuss the matter fully and obtain all the evidence we can. After which we will take on of the three following actions. 

  • Dismiss the report due to a lack of evidence, lack of severity, or due to harassment.
  • Internally punish the player with strikes against their membership, and the potential for limitation from in game faction resources if abused.
  • Peruse a player report against our those in question with your permission and with any evidence we have as well.

Ultimately, we do not want to discourage you from perusing a forum report if you feel the server rules are  broken. However in situations where you feel it might just be a better less drama filled and salt producing process to have us change the behaviors of the person and keep them on watch internally, and never have your name mentioned, this is the place to do it. We ultimately want to improve our image and ensure we're providing quality RP, and you can rest easy knowing you don't have some salty kid chasing you because you unplugged their favorite game for a day by complaining loudly in the server discord.


In Character

Internal Affairs likewise exists in character, though less formally. Andy McGallan, James Margolis and Phil Savage will be viable in character channels for reporting a in character misconduct of a Savage such as unethical behavior, trolly bullshit or crimes that even we despise. We will hand out proper punishment if information is submitted to us in an in-character manner and shows no forms of OOC contamination. 

While you may not know this in character yet, every single Savage will and should be willing to facilitate a meeting with one of our internal affairs. Just because you read this post you do not know this in character however, and must investigate the matter.


The Staff

The three current staff of our Internal Affairs Department are as follows. 



In Game: - Certified Savage

Discord: Pazz#8769


@Chief Pupui

In game: Andy McGallan - Certified Savage

Discord: Hazeem#7635



In game: Phil Savage - Savage 3

Discord: Cybercookie#8600

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