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Huang Pyong

The Kkangpae 한국 트라이어드

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The Korean Triad (Korean:한국 트라이어드) Is a Korean crime syndicate who follow through HARSH and strict codes. While not liking the Chinese Triad they don't disrespect them often opting to remain Neutral with BOTH council and their enemies. Doing small crimes of grand theft auto, chopping cars AND minor drug trafficking.


Gang Lord aka Boss (갱 주)

The boss who deal with the everything

Berserker (광사)

2nd in command who help the Boss

Warlord (워)

Warlord is one who deal with the car stealing, drug trafficking AND car chopping. Usually there are 2-3 people

Dragon (용)

The advisor of the Warlord

White Tiger (화이트 타이거)

Usually the one who train the newbies of the gang

Golden Fish (금붕어)

The experts of the Crime Syndicate who deal with the more serious task

Dark Wolf (어두운 늑대)

The people Who got moderate in the ranks and who deal with the more fun jobs of stealing cars 

Bronze Jaguar (청동 재규어)

Those who passed the exam of the Loyal and Dammed

Associate (연결)

Those who want to join and need to pass through harsh test



Have experience over 5,000

IC Rules:

ALWAYS report problems to High command (boss berserker warlord and dragon)


Problems with other people MUST be solved peacefully 

ALWAYS pay the small fee

OOC Rules

ALWAYS follow the server's rule! I have 0 tolerance to anyone not following

ALWAYS be active! If there is a problem always let someone from chain of command know if you have IRL issues

Respect all of the people


jonjung-ui beobchig (법의 존중) Law Of Respect

ALWAYS respect LSEMS and ALL gangs even those who are at war with us. If they attack Notify through the radio to have permission from Dragon and and above to open fire. If not followed person would be executed followed by kicked out

doum-ui beobchig (법의 도움이) Law Of Help

ALWAYS help when someone ask for help. Even if someone is way too far ALWAYS help them. If not followed person would be executed followed by kicked out

pyeongdeung-ui beobchig (법의 평등) Law Of Equality

We are ALL equal. Korean american Chinese american African american or Mexican or others. NEVER disrespect them in any way of such. If not followed person would be executed followed by kicked out


"constructing with a hammer in one hand, Let's go out and fight with a weapon in another hand."


Korean Translation:

"한손으로 망치로 구성하고 나가서 다른 손으로 무기와 싸우자."


Grow in number at least 10 people

Make all gangs aware we are neutral unless there is a reason not to.

Overthrow the evil and corrupt government with a republican party built BY the people FOR the people

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