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Jail-time Misdemeanours

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I Think Misdemeanour speeding offences should not result in jail time as its the most annoying this when You get pulled over and are fully compliant but need to go through all the hassle of being detained and transported to prison just to do 10 minutes , Yesterday I spend about half an hour being handed around by police officers just to do 10 minutes in jail for speeding offence.


 They could result in a higher ticket or loss of license but 10 minutes in prison isnt even the problem its the fact that the police take so long with you before your sentence even starts so where it said 10 minutes jailtime needed it was about an hour before I was actually out of jail as the cops just take ages.

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The 10 minute jail times were part of the speed camera update as the final boss of punishments that can be issued, to cut down on excessive speeding (going 80KM/H over the limit, or 160 KM/H now) in NCZs which caused/causes many unnecessary player injuries or death.  These range from simple fines all the way up to jail time depending on how fast you're going.

If you don't want 10 minutes in jail for speeding, don't speed in a NCZ.

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