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Apartment Bug

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Character name: Rajj Ameen

Issue/bug you are reporting: There is currently a bug that allows people to view people who are in an apartment when entering it, it will show them for a split second revealing that someone is in fact present which means they can camp the door and just wait for you to leave. Now that admins are making people remove airlocks it's not going to be possible to feel safe in apartments any more until this bug is fixed.

Expected behavior:  It should never show people who are currently in the house on the door when you walk in.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: This only happens 20% of the time when entering an apartment there will most likely be a way to get this to work 100%

Video: https://streamable.com/fais2f



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@sam12336020 hello, thank you for your bug report. After a recent apartment update it should not be a significant issue, because the corridor and the apartment rooms are now in different dimensions. However, players may notice a similar issue at other properties when teleporting into a new dimension and new location, it's a RAGE Multiplayer issue, because it updates the player's dimension first, then sets the position.

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