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Faction owenership give to wrong person.

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Account name: Shalami

Character name: Carter Shalami

Issue/bug you are reporting: ownership of faction give it yo the worng sam

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: The professional have always been 3 guys. At the beginning it was sam brave, mateo mota and me. One time I leave the gang to join other and help a friends, so I give ownership to mateo. By that time mateo got a call from friends to help them at there gang, so he leave and was suppose to give owner to sam BRAVE (to hold it till I came back), but in the hurry he give it to sam WELLS by mistake, and sam wells is a recruit that is on vacation and cant log on gta.

I have discord of everyone involve and admin @Lord Pepe know Mate Mota, so he con confirm my history, i send some discord chat pictures to @DutchProjectz to.


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