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The Bloodred Ruby

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John J Barnett was very poor growing up in Liberty City. He witnessed the rise of major media in the form of Weazel News and Life Invader. He wanted to be like them, but the world wouldn't allow it. He went on to start a News Company which almost immediately flopped in its first month. He was then given an opportunity to join Weazel which he lost. He then went mad with an itch to fulfill his dreams but to no avail. He went and changed his life, he got new clothes, a new life and new everything.

His first opportunity came when something had happened to him. He in his new careless Devil May Care form, got hit by a car on his own ignorance. He was rushed to a hospital where he was treated and discharged. On the way out, he got in an argument with four people in a car in the middle of nowhere. He ran down to a gas station to hitchhike when all of a sudden the car came and hit him on purpose. He recollected his strength, took his knife out of his pocket and got up. He took a charge at the man who had now stepped out of his vehicle. The man was injured and fell to the ground when all of a sudden, a gun cocked. Luckily for John, a police car happened to be passing by, which resulted in a quick fix to the scenario. But while this was going on, he had been threatened by a group of people known as the 'Explosions'. ( no association with them, just important in the story ) They then played it off as a joke and took him down to a mechanic shop after driving around. Then, John held his bloodied knife out, when a mechanic threatened him with a bat. That mechanic was pronounced dead at 2:23 PM. John, after being jailed for this, went on to form a Crime Syndicate which is now known as The Bloodred Ruby.


  • Find a location to produce drugs
  • Sell, Rinse, Repeat
  • $$$
  • Mo' money, Mo' problems for our enemies


We work around areas in Alta, we do not care for big stacks of money, we want to bring a form of vigilantism and justice not worthy of the government. A cruel force of nature only worthy of the court of god himself!

Our members are:-

  • Carnival -John Barnett (Rouge) carniv.png.9077794d2917aba20e668b4bcbb89652.png




  1. Rouge - The Bossman, The Montgomery Burns, The Napoleon
  2. Burgundy - The Sidekick, The Waylon Smithers, The One who Takes the Bullet
  3. Crimson - The Soldiers, The Homer Simpson, The One who Shoots the Bullet
  4. Pfister - The Producers, The GK. Willie, The One who Brings the Cash
  5. Hot Red - The Getaway, The Otto, The One who Drives us Around
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Carnival had been stranded in the middle of nowhere after falling to a gruesome injury off a bridge! A great EMS came and rescued Barnett and dropped him off in Paleto. All his possessions had been smashed up in the ordeal.

He asked two nice men whether they could take him to the bank and then to a shop. The two men were kind and took him to the bank, only for it to have been closed. 😕

They then cruised around town when Carnival boldly asked the two if they worked for any one. They came to a halt, held Carnival at gunpoint and frisked him to no avail.



However unpleasant this ordeal was, Carnival was let go by them after they found nothing. They then told him that they did have a gang and had gun dealers giving them pistols for 3k a piece. They also told Carnival that they only held him at gunpoint out of fear that Carnival would do the same to them. After the unpleasantness with Carnival, they dropped him off at the bank and gave him their contacts.


But now, he couldn't find a convenience store to get anything. He asked someone for the location of a store and ran down to look for it, when all of a sudden, he was rammed into by a strange green SUV. The man came out of his SUV, Carnival was afraid after the events of the day, only for the man to be his criminal friend Herbert Explosion.

They then went down to his personal Drug Lab, where Herbert then became his new recruiter. The drug lab was also now Carnival's to use whenever he liked. Not to mention, there were around 2 tons of marijuana on the ground! Almost as if god left it there for him. 😉



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8 hours ago, Icarus2766 said:

Nice one looking great bro


Good luck with the gang (be careful with the red if you are going for that for gang colours, maybe add a secondary colour so not to cause conflict with another potential red gang)

Black and red for life✌️✌️

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