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Game Freezing and HUGE delay's

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Hi !
i've been playing on the server for like a year and its never been like this before, server is lagging and freezing so bad since the last update, there is  like 5 seconds delay on everything you doing, game is freezing must of the time and its crashing like every 30 minutes , VOIP is laggy sometimes ! because of these lags and game freezes people thinks you are delaying and stalling on the RP in some cases  , i personally think that there is so much new details added to the server and thats the reason behind all of this lags and crashes , im not sure if its happening for everyone but im sure for people with +100 ping this is a new common issue and i hope this gets fixed soon. thanks !

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+1 this happens to be especially when driving above 210 and when you get near bank. It could be as Gta is free on epic, causing the server to be over populated. It was all fine before the big update but it could be the fact the server is growing.

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