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Tells from a Latino whit bad gramma living in Los Santos - chapter one

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This shold be a player report for FailRP, but since I don’t care anymore im just going to post it as a roleplay history.

 PD: hope you guys like it.


The Story of a Mexican hater.


First Part.

Here was I, selling my tacos, trying to live a legal live, as officer Joker once told me. On my way to police station (good spot to sell tacos) I saw this guy, I can see in his face he is hungry, I get close and ask him “hey good sir, you need a taco ? just 100$ whit green magic”, then he stat calling me F.. Mexican, and to get out of his country, so I get out and pull my gun out, it was my first time using a gun agains a living target, so I guess the shakings didn’t let me hit, next thing I know, the police is on the scene and im getting 6 month of jail and 2 years of gun licensees suspension. 


Second Part.

Whit this new problem, nobody will give me a work, I try truckers, but they didn’t whant the heat of and ex comb, so I move back to criminal live. Whit my side kick Mr. tark, we move to the country, since he have a house in Paleto Bay, we stablis there our base of operation and star mugging the farmers. When I saw him I didn’t fully reconnoiter him, his face sounds familiar, but didn’t match his voice and then he call me taco man, they I knew karma was real.


Final Part.

After and altercate and him confessing his racist offence, I was about to kidnap him when he run away from me, the fuking shakings, by this time im thinking “I will never be able to hit like I use to in the big O world”, I manage to hit him cuple of times, but the mf is strong mf (in honor to SLJ), he got to his ban, so me and my man got to our car and Chace him to the highway, there he was, car crash and my gun pointing directly to his ugly raises face, “I cold not miss” I say to myself, but then he run agan and take my car, whit my friend inside, (all this next is made up, read what realy happen in ** at the end) crash the car 2miles in front, killng my friend, and whiout any explication, leaving the scene. Since that day, I always lock my car when get out to mug someone, failRP is so real this days.


** he take the car and my friend cold not hit him from inside do to dsync, then he when to HEM, crash the in the see and run.


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